IBM Watson giving unsafe recommendation for cancer


Watson, the supercomputers from IBM is giving unsafe treatment recommendation for cancer patients, it is mentioned in a report which revised by Stat. the got all the latest hype about IBM’s Watson that it is the future of research in the field of cancer treatment, and now it has faded all the expectations by just one step which went wrong.

In the year 2012, doctors from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre went for the partnership with IBM so that they can train  Watson, as Watson should diagnose and treat the patients who are suffering from cancer.

But according to the report by IBM which was released in the summer of pervious year, that the supercomputer Watson has start giving sort of unsafe and bad diagnose advice, for example if Watson suggest that a cancer patient is with some major bleeding and should be given a drug that caused the bleeding at more worse condition. (This was said by a spokesperson for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre that this suggestion was fictional and not inflicted upon the real cancer patient.)

“This is totally a piece of S-“ said one doctor at Jupiter Hospital which is in Florida and this was said to IBM executives, this incident was completely mentioned  in the documents by IBM. “We tried to use it but it is difficult to use on most of the cases. It came for the marketing purpose along with a hope that help you to achieve the vision.”

The document was presented during a presentation given by Andrew Norden, former deputy health chief at IBM’s Watson, just before he left the company for some inner reasons. It was not only showing the dissatisfaction of the customers but also they revealed the problems with various methods too.

The Oncology was given power to make tremendous amount of data along with come back in a novel insights. But what actually happened that its major part of data turned as fictional data for patient. This is completely clear that the suggestions made by Watson was totally based on off the treatment preferences of some doctors providing all the data, but these are not the real insights that the IBM’s Watson got after analysing all the real cases.

A spokesperson from IBM said that “It has helped in supporting treatments for more than 84,000 patients and this is still in process og learning”.

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