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Why Is IT Ignoring Google’s Server-less Cloud Infrastructure?

Ignorance is bliss, but not so if you are working in IT. While the IT people do know some of the technologies that concern them, most people are not aware of the futuristic technologies that are coming up from the various R&D sectors. Such is the case with the server-less cloud. Such a brilliant technology has received hardly any attention when it can actually automate the whole infrastructural operation. Hence, servers stay, but without IT people constantly conversing with them.

So, you don’t need an infrastructure team either. While cloud is not an alien technology to them, this new form of cloud has not been taken up widely, despite its immense potential to automate tasks that take weeks and makes the whole process cumbersome and expensive. However, Google has not been oblivious of this changing façade and they changed the whole system for their purpose. Hence, provisioning an infrastructure would involve zero workforce.Why Is IT Ignoring Google's Server-less Cloud Infrastructure?

Cost-effective like no other

Apart from the advantage of automation, adopting this new technology would help any enterprise save at least 50% in terms of project cost. The deployment of infrastructure is so fast that an average release takes 3 days. Moreover, using Google’s infrastructure fixes the price to a band and surprisingly, Amazon seems to be more expensive than Google, despite their supremacy in cloud.

The reason is that Google has been working on automation for years now and they have mastered the field like no other. While Amazon and Azure are racing with Google to catch up, surely Google has the least waiting time for project infrastructure deployment and hence, is a natural choice for all companies. However, the masterstroke comes from a different angle for Google, and surely there is no looking back from that point.

Insanely low operational hazard

Installing and provisioning an infrastructure is one thing, but operating is a major headache for all companies. Google has reduced the operational cost so drastically through automation that it currently stands at a one-fifth cost of Amazon. The differences are so telling that system hosting is surely advantageous when you use Google and it increases as you expand the scope of such system. Amazon cannot think of letting a client operate without charging for their computer power.

On the other hand, Google’s ability to rest and operate infrastructure at will due to the insanely swift setup facilities. Of course, there is still a lot of paperwork to be done, many signatures to be signed and many decisions to be passed. So, if it has to take time, better save it where it is possible to save. Projects can be completed in less time and clients’ money can be valued immensely using server-less cloud.

Getting accustomed to automation

A new technology never reaches its pinnacle without a few bumps and this is no exception ether. However, IT has to adjust itself quickly or it may get swept away by the automation flood coming their way. Obviously, the weapons against automation are unjustified fears, instilled uncertainties and seeded doubts. You can easily resist the flood for now, but eventually will catch up very soon since 33 percent of IT’s concern involves infrastructure.

Hence, Google has hit the bull’s eye and it will become impossible to ignore them after a point. However, interestingly enough, the CFOs are understanding the tide of change sooner than the other because they are concerned about the draining money in various directions. Hence, CFOs are nowadays leading the technological decisions so that the cost-effectiveness is foregrounded more than ever. IT has always been about money and it is time people start accepting the truth.

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