IIoT Adoption Speeds Up with New Initiatives

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is expected to bring revolution in manufacturing plants and factories across the world. Along with improving efficiency, it will ensure safety and seamless operations. Various initiatives have been taken to bring an upsurge across the globe.

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the organization formed for speeding up the adoption of IIoT across the world, has developed nearly 40 relationships with various global liaisons. These liaisons include different organizations such as standards development organizations (SDOs), technology- and industry-focused consortia and alliances, open-source communities, regional organizations, certification and testing bodies, and government entities and agencies.

It would connect with these organizations through joint workshops, joint marketing activities, technical exchange, and joint publications. These initiatives would accelerate the adoption of the IIoT and give a boost to the market. According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global IIoT market is expected to reach $197 billion by 2023. Following are some of the activities that would create new opportunities and shape the industry toward growth:

Texmark reaping benefits of IIoT implementation:

Manufacturers have realized the importance of IIoT and reaping great benefits. Texmark Chemicals, a Texas petrochemical processing and manufacturing company, would undertake a three-phase IIoT journey that combines HPE and Aruba solutions for the development of an industry-leading ‘Refinery of the Future’.

Phase 1 and 2 have been established for laying a digital foundation through edge-to-core connectivity. Phase 3 would offer support for Texmark’s use cases such as connected workers, predictive analytics, safety and security, advanced video analytics, and full lifecycle asset management.

The IIoT solution implemented by Texmark would make workers safer than before. The monitoring of fluid levels would reduce the risk of spills. Moreover, the malfunctions of the system would be reported immediately, so the company can respond before they endanger workers. If an emergency occurs, it can report to the firm regarding the location and movement of workers within the plant. This solution also enables ease in inspections and maintenance. Moreover, the data gathered during the research of the factory can be utilized for determining project feasibility and streamline business development activities.

Real-time monitoring to break barriers:

Exceptional results have been achieved by implementation of IIoT solutions in manufacturing plants in various industries including medical, aerospace, and automotive. Supply chain managers have been reaping the benefits of real-time monitoring by gaining visibility of visibility and alerts regarding delivery and other issues related to the supply chain.

Checking the status of manufacturing of goods in factories is possible along with inventory management. The real-time access to information would be critical in achieving targets and countering issues arising.

The scenario in which the real-time monitoring coming into the picture is for the production of complex products in huge amount. For instance, a sensor in a medical device has an accuracy of +/- 10 percent, but the maker needs it to be +/- 5 percent to stay competitive in the marketplace.

A technique that can be devised is taking five real-time measurements during manufacturing, utilize calibration equations, and determine correction factors that have not been loaded into the memory of the medical device. This will enable manufacturing of a device in huge amount without any faults.

IIoT in mining:

Industry players have been embracing digital transformation to optimize their assets and boost productivity. Rajant Corporation, the provider of Kinetic Mesh wireless networks, joined hands with OSIsoft. This partnership aims to bring IIoT capabilities to various industries they serve.

OSIsoft is a manufacturer of application software for real-time data management is partnering with Rajant to target mining and other industries for building a comprehensive partner ecosystem. This will enable organizations to implement continuous improvement processes with the help of data.

Tailor-made asset maintenance, analytical, and management solutions for solving the issues that are related to high-fidelity asset data will be offered OSIsoft. In addition, Rajant will gather data points from various communication systems and operate them through a single pipe having an autonomous adaptability to self-optimize as per the changing conditions. This will help in mining applications to detect disasters before they take place and take necessary measures to counter them.

IIoT startup Falkonry’s global partner program:

The startups have taken steps to enhance its stake in the global industry through innovative programs. The IIoT startup Falkonry announced its global partner program for improving operation machine learning software to integrate with software stacks and enable companies to save money and time through predictive analytics.

The software by Falkonry assists industrial companies to enhance operational efficiency, quality, and safety along with lowering the downtime through an unsupervised machine learning technique.

This technique determines the patterns time-series data. Once each pattern has been labeled to determine activities before, during, and after breaking down of machines, the software would detect the issues that need attention. The system would get more intelligence over time. This is how IIoT would make a difference in the activities of a manufacturing plant.


Written by Pratik Kirve

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