IIT Alumni’s dominates Startups in Power Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

IIT Alumni's dominates Startups in Power Analytics & Artificial Intelligence 1

The energy sector is growing and developing rapidly in the country like India and since the past two years, there have been enormous startups releasing in the space while exploring Artificial Intelligence, analytics and better products to the market. Naming a few listed are:

Avrioenergy: This energy startup leverages data to improve energy efficiency and capability. It was founded by IIT Bombay alums, who are now developing a utility-focused analytics platform that would lend a hand in providing actionable insights to both energy utilities and end consumers to enhance energy efficiency. The startup is further aiming to leverage data to facilitate consumers with offerings such as itemized billing, customer engagement platform, personalized energy saving recommendations and many more.

Quenext: This is known to be a Mumbai-based AI lab that concentrates on certain areas such as energy, agriculture and water management offering end-to-end decision support system while further summing efficiency across the value chain and offering real-time energy management. They hence, make the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning for offering a fully integrated end-to-end decision support system for utilities.

SenseHawk: This startup makes the use of boasting a suite of SaaS tools that providently apply sensing and analytics technologies to streamline processes across the life-cycle of infrastructure assets. With tools in UAVs, IoT enabled devices, it also serves in the solar energy space. It also lends its hand in the advantage of aerial data combined with seamless cloud-based processing and Machine Learning based analytics to expand generation, reduce capital and O&M prices and improve safety. It also stocks up timely and super accurate information to stakeholders while monitoring solar plant cost, locating hotspots with thermal scans and much more.

Sustlabs: This startup from IIT Bombay, Powai profits big data on energy and water. Its efforts stretched to built technology that gets energy data and derives meaning out of it. They do so by using technologies such as automated metering and big data analytics. They produced a product called SustLabs OHM that joins electricity meter to phone generating real-time insights about energy usage and house activity. This could also be worked out without installing an additional gadget inside the house while setting electricity limits.

The Solar Labs: It was founded by IIT and BIT alumni, aiming to make solar energy more accessible to the world. This startup structured out of Mandi uses artificial intelligence to service and spread the use of solar in the world. They are developing software that help solar firms to understand about the solar that can be installed and enhanced to generate engineering design that maximises solar energy generation. Here, AI is used to cut the engineering time while giving higher energy output for rooftop solar system design.

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