IIT Delhi to push research in artificial intelligence

IIT Delhi to push research in artificial intelligence 1

The IIT Delhi has decided to set up a Centre of Excellence in the Artificial Intelligence to promote the research in the field of technology and offer solutions to all the complex issues in finance, medicine, and customer support. The center is also expected to come up on the campus in the coming few six months.

The institute as of now currently offers the courses in Artificial Intelligence at the UG and PG levels. With this center of excellence, the IIT-D is also planning to bring the researchers from all the departments to inculate the AI in their respective disciplines and find the solutions for the various problems.

. “Presently, we have around 40 faculty members who are working on some aspect of AI, and there are around ten people who are working on core artificial intelligence. But with this center, we want to create a single platform where all these researchers can come together to work in their discipline by inculcating AI,” said Mausam, who goes by his first name, an assistant professor at the IIT-D who is working on the AI technology.

The institute has collaborated with the IBM, which is a global software firm for the purpose. The IBM researchers will be working with the IIT-D faculty members on the new Artificial Intelligence technologies.

“There are very few PhD scholars in artificial intelligence in the country. The major reason behind this is that there are very few professors for the discipline in the country. We have to make our country more lucrative for teachers. When there will be teachers only then the students can be taught. And when these students will be able to think of pursuing their PhDs in AI,” said Mausam.

Besides, the IIT-D is also planning to offer certificate courses in AI for professionals. “AI is a growing industry and professionals will need to brush their skills to adopt it. So we are also thinking to introduce some certificate courses in AI at the centre for excellence for people who may have graduated some years ago and want to brush up their skills,” said Mausam.

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