IIT Jodhpur initiates Hydrogen Sensor with 74% of high sensitivity

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IIT Jodhpur initiates Hydrogen Sensor with 74% of high sensitivity 1

A sensor that can identify hydrogen gas notwithstanding when present at very low centralization of 1 section for every million (ppm) has been created by specialists at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jodhpur with IIT Hyderabad as a team. The sensor has 30% affectability to recognize hydrogen at 1 ppm fixation and as high as 74% affectability when the convergence of the gas is 100 ppm. It takes around 25 seconds to recognize hydrogen.


Hydrogen gas is a contamination-free, sustainable wellspring of energy and is viewed as a fuel of decision later on. In any case, hydrogen is profoundly unstable and combustible.

It is a little atom and can promptly blend with air, yet distinguishing hydrogen gas spillage becomes very troublesome especially as it is dreary and boring. So a sensor that can recognize it notwithstanding when present at exceptionally low fixation winds up basic. Also, this is the place where the present work ends up significant.

Carbon nanofibres with moment pores are adorned on the zinc oxide semiconductor. The carbon nanofibres increment adsorption of oxygen on the outside of the semiconductor. More oxygen adsorbed would mean the number of electrons accessible for conduction is diminished prompting expanded opposition.

The zinc oxide without anything else has just 44% hydrogen affectability while it is a small 3.5% for carbon nanofibres. However, when a 0.2 weight level of nanofibres is stacked onto the semiconductor the affectability is most extreme at 74%. Any expansion in the convergence of nanofibres prompts a decrease in the affectability. Moreover, Oxygen gets adsorbed both on zinc oxide and nanofibres.

The specialists can enact the concoction response at a generally lower temperature as carbon nanofibres are utilized. The following objective is to build up a model by coordinating the sensor with a microheater.

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