IIT Kanpur Sparks Startup Revolution with Chicken Feather Plastics, Temple Flower Foam

By Sunil Sonkar
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IIT Kanpur Sparks Startup Revolution with Chicken Feather Plastics, Temple Flower Foam

In Kanpur, something revolutionary is happening at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) campus. Students at IIT-Kanpur are making cool ideas real at their special place called the Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre (SIIC).


An advanced drone system called Alakh has been developed by a startup called EndureAir. It helped during disasters like floods and tunnel collapses. This drone is just one of the 300 ideas growing at IIT-K’s SIIC.

These startups are not just about making money. They want to solve big problems in a smart and good-for-the-Earth way. They are developing biodegradable plastics with basic things like bamboo and chicken feathers. They are even creating fake leather from old temple flowers

IIT-K is like a big friend helping these startups. It is not just about brains. They also help turn these ideas into real businesses by connecting smart students with scientists, people who have money, and even helping with important things like a place to work.

IIT-K has two secret weapons. First, big companies give them a lot of money to help these startups, like Rs 15 crore this year. Second, IIT-K has its own investment capacity of Rs 50 crore. This helps a lot as the startups they like to support are not very popular with regular investors yet.

During the COVID-19 pandemic years, IIT-K made a special machine to help people breathe and was developed in just 90 days.

IIT-Kanpur is not just a school, but it is like a cool idea factory. The startups growing there are not just making things. Rather they are making the future of the country super awesome. IIT-K is not just sparking a startup revolution, but it is making India the smartest and coolest place to be.

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