IIT-Madras launches CCBR for the study of Brain and its workings


IIT Madras launched Centre for Computational Brain Research (CCBR) on 20 May, 2019, at Bhupat and Jyothi Mehta School of Biosciences in the campus. This formulated workspace provided a house of researchers and staff of the CCBR.

The Centre is motivated to build the study of conceptualizing the inside functions of the brain and utilising the basic principles for futuristic approach and enhancement of computer science. Thereof, in this area many renowned chair-professors shoulder the study including, Partha Mitra from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA, Mriganka Sur from MIT, USA and Anand Raghunathan from Purdue University, USA. The centre is yet, funded by the alumnus Kris Gopalakrishnan of IIT Madras.

CCBR is aiming to develop and search more of the interface between neuroscience and engineering disciplines. A communicative procedure is further anticipated, where a perception of the brain can lend a hand towards the drive for crucial technological advances and development, while in addition to, it provides engineering tools that aids to analyse and look into neural circuits. Supplying an overview of the research work at CCBR, Prof Partha Mitra claims, “Work recently completed by the centre involves development and application of data analytic and informatics tools for exploring brain structure and function.

The centre collaborates with other institutions across the world including Johns Hopkins University-USA, Harvard Medical School-USA, The University of Melbourne, Australia, KTH, Sweden, summing to the host institutions of the Chair Professors.”

CCBR in the nearing future, aims to involve research activities related to mapping of the human brain associated with architecture at light microscopic resolution and the growth and enhancement of a neuromorphic chip inspired by brain cells for effective computing. CCBR further has the intentions to look after the training and guidance for futuristic generations aiming to be neuroscientists, in India.

To lay forward such action and achieve success in following the goals, it took an initiative to begin with a winter course on Machine Intelligence and Brain Research, that is presently made available for credits to IIT Madras students. CCBR is also presently formulating to expound the centre towards an online course which will be exposed to a more wider audience and can cater to the needs of the many.


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