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IIT Madras offers affordable AI Courses

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Artificial Intelligence is a classification of computer science that emphasises on the artificial behaviour of the computer and its functioning. Resulting in expertise to preside over a computer to braze with knowledge, reasoning, problem solving, perception, learning, planning and ability to manipulate object. Artificial Intelligence is therefore, a break-through for researching and skilling a computer, designed for:

  • Speech recognition
  • Problem solving
  • Planning
  • Learning

To increase the apprehension and knowledge to Artificial Intelligence, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras(IIT-Madras), offers on online portal, ‘PadhAI’, by faculty of computer science department for the students to develop skills through online training. The online portal was founded by Mitesh M Khapra and Pratyush Kumar who are acclaimed assistant professors at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, at IIT-Madras.

‘PadhAI’ will offer a 4-month course starting from February 1,2019 constituting 80 hours of lecture and assignments that are to be solved by individual candidates.This method includes affordable India-specific courses on AI  for the Indian students and faculty for 1,180 INR and working professionals for 5,900 INR.  The registrations for the course are open until January 24, 2019. Candidates willing to learn AI related courses can apply at padhai.onefourthlabs.in for an affordable range.

Highlights to the course involves invites to a summer Garage, an AI residency program, at IIT-Madras Research Park for the candidates who rank high in the course while they will have the choice to work on research, problems of societal impact or solutions with commercial value. This course is a head start with the underlying knowledge of mathematics and python. Hence, this course is open for anyone including students, faculty or professionals who have the idea to these skills.

This course as an essential step also involves full fee waiver scholarships for professionals who are unable to pay and women who are returning form a break. ‘PadhAI’ follows the mission to combine theoretical knowledge with targeting experience, emphasising on limited pre-requisites to unfolding a challenging problem throughout.

“We hope to build a community around PadhAI by continuing to engage with you after the course through the DL garage, subsequent courses, and also through our startup One Fourth Labs which will build solutions on Deep Learning,” specifies the ‘PadhAI’ website. Hence, this masterly online portal for developers and AI seekers explains a way to new and digitalised Indian platform carrying out excelling ideas on Artificial Intelligence.

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