Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthcare in India

By Sunil Sonkar
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Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Healthcare in India

In bustling Mumbai, Dr. Darshana Sanghvi, a radiologist at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, looks back at how her job has changed a lot in the last 20 years. In a nostalgic tone, she recollects the era when her work relied on a legion of assistants meticulously handling every manual task. Now, things are way different. The big change? Artificial Intelligence (AI) made it happen.


In the X-ray segment, Dr. Sanghvi says AI does a big job, from taking pictures to fixing them afterward, cutting down on what people need to do. The cumbersome process of printing films, manual segregation and dictation to typists has given way to a streamlined workflow. Now, with a simple oral command, AI effortlessly handles tasks, leaving only a fraction of the human workforce involved.

Yet, the true skill of AI emerges in the interpretation phase. She explains that AI helps understand tricky medical stuff and shows it in an easy way. AI is super useful in checking how well treatments are working for patients with tuberculosis. It helps doctors quickly and accurately figure things out and avoid mistakes that can happen when doing things by hand.

AI does not just help in X-rays, but it is also making a big difference in other parts of healthcare. It is changing how we diagnose problems and even helping with surgery, transforming everything in the medical world. Machine learning (ML), a subset of AI, empowers machines to learn and predict, while deep learning, inspired by the human brain, discerns intricate patterns in diverse data types.

In eye doctor segment, AI is a superhero for checking diabetic eye problems. Dr. Gopal Pillai says AI is like a speedy detective, finding issues early by looking at pictures of the inside of your eye, way faster than the old way that only spotted problems when you could feel them. Speedy checks by AI are super important because if we don’t catch eye problems early, they could really mess up your vision.

AI is not just for checking what is wrong, but it is also helping out in surgeries. Dr. Vidyadhara talks about cool robot helpers in spine surgery, working super well with the doctors. Using cool tech called augmented reality makes surgeries even more accurate. It is like doctors get to see 3D stuff in real-time while they are working. The clubbing of AI and surgery not only aids in complex cancer surgeries but also serves as a training ground for budding surgeons.

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