Impact of Google SGE on Blogging Websites

By Sunil Sonkar
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Impact of Google SGE on Blogging Websites 1

The internet is always changing and Google is back in the spotlight with something new called Search Generative Experience (SGE). Still in a testing phase, it is expected to change how we search online, making it more insightful and informative. As we explore this new technology, we are curious about how SGE might affect blogging websites.


Unleashing the Power of AI

SGE is a big step into the world of Artificial Intelligence, changing how we usually search for things online. It is not just finding info. It creates specific answers to make search results more helpful. It makes the web more fun and interactive, shaking things up instead of staying the same.

Imagine asking a question like “What is data science?” and receiving not just definitions but a step-by-step guide, tips as well as a video result. Searching becomes more interesting and educational with SGE. It is like having a conversation with the internet.

Glimpse into SGE’s Search Results

Upon asking SGE, the first fold of results unveils generative definitions and a curated set of articles. You can ask more questions after SGE gives you an answer, making the search like a conversation. Technology creates a story, giving more than just answers but a chat about what you want to know.

SGE While Browsing

In an experimental phase named “SGE while browsing,” Google seeks to enhance user engagement with long-form content. Users can tap to reveal AI-generated key points, streamlining the process of locating specific details within articles. This feature is fair. It only gives key points for free stuff, respecting paid content, showing Google plays fair.

Insights from Website Traffic

A recent study conducted by Search Engine Journal on 23 websites hints at a potential decline in organic traffic due to SGE. Yet, amid concerns, some websites may have witnessed a surge post-SGE impact. The important question arises here – what lies ahead for website traffic in the era of SGE?

Questions on SGE’s Impact

SGE and Business Competition

The shadow of SGE looms large over businesses heavily reliant on organic search traffic. Will it make things better or harder for businesses compared to those featured in SGE?

Threat to Advertising Revenues

With users finding information directly on search pages, traditional advertising models face jeopardy. Websites might have to rethink how they make money as the online environment keeps changing.

Spectrum of Diverse Content

Could SGE inadvertently narrow the spectrum of diverse content on the web? The ease of use might discourage people from trying new things, which could limit exposure to different perspectives and ideas.

Entry Barrier for New Businesses

As SGE elevates the visibility of high-quality content, new businesses face the uphill task of carving a niche. Is it tougher for beginners to join in?

Diminishing Creativity and Innovation

The ease of access provided by SGE might inadvertently stifle creativity and innovation. Will the web become less vibrant as users rely more on ready information?

Quality of Web Content at Risk

While SGE enriches search results, there’s a looming concern about the potential dip in the quality of content on websites. Will the race for attention compromise the essence of valuable content?

Anticipating Change

As Google’s SGE lingers in its beta phase, the future remains uncertain. For businesses and website owners, being flexible is crucial. The possible effects of SGE on content creation and consumption could change the online landscape.

Pendulum of Payment

Could Google adopt a payment system akin to YouTube for SGE? This system rewards creators for views and engagement, promoting top-notch content. However, it is tough for smaller companies with fewer resources.

Weighing the Digital Balance

Incentivizing creators and ensuring the display of top-notch content are commendable outcomes. But there is a worry that smaller businesses might be pushed aside and we could see less variety in content, which is a big concern.

Assumptions to Consider

Landing a spot in the snapshot lineup guarantees a certain amount of organic traffic. The traffic originating from the snapshot lineup will be comparable to or lesser than the traffic from a similar rank on Google presently. Not featuring in the SGE snapshot lineup yet appearing in the traditional top 10 links might result in negligible traffic (though, realistically, some users might bypass the SGE and opt for the blue links). Your current ranking will remain unchanged if the SGE feature is inactive. Click Through Rate (CTR) in SGE The actual CTR for various positions in the SGE snapshot lineup is still unclear.

We could see a drop in CTR if Google uses the current design of SGE. It might result in a huge CTR drop for the Top 3 results which used to gain most of the traffic for a given keyword.

In case Google decides to change the design to use display the generated content is displayed side by side. This might have a relatively lesser drop in CTR on the existing content.

How Google SGE Could Change the Way We Create and Consume Content?

Google might use a payment system like that of YouTube to pay creators based on views and engagement. This would encourage creators to make top-notch, interesting content to attract more viewers.

Google might use this system to boost websites with excellent content, showing users what is most relevant to them. But this could be challenging for smaller companies starting out. They might lack the resources to compete with bigger ones in making top-notch content.


Google’s SGE is changing the story for blogging websites, bringing in a mix of complications and new opportunities. As the digital realm braces for change, one thing remains certain – the future of web content creation and consumption is poised at the cusp of a transformative era. Only time will unveil its true colors.

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