Impact of Nuclear power on technology

Impact of Nuclear power on technology 1

Nuclear power is a sustained nuclear fission to produce heat and electricity. Almost 6% of the world’s energy is sourced from the nuclear power that is generated. The usage of nuclear energy has been going on since a while now. But, even over these years, there has been much heated debates over the righteousness of the usage of nuclear energy.

Some feel that it has come upon us as a boon to the mankind with respect to the environment, economy and political scenarios of the world. The debate shall not have a conclusion anytime soon. But, here we shall discuss the positive possibilities of nuclear energy.

Several tests and experiments have been carried out to determine the impacts of nuclear energy especially with comparison to other forms of energy.

It has been drafted that it has minimal forms of energy wastage and causes the least amount of effects on the environment in comparison. It emits out the lowest amount of carbon dioxide and other green gases. Therefore it doesn’t add up to the greenhouse effect.

Apart from benefiting the environment, it has also teamed up with technology to work out new innovations helping the world.  It has brought in reliably and economically contributed almost 20% of electrical generation globally. Now, this has groped in the betterment of modular reactors.

Factories and industries are highly dependant on this, the smaller sized innovations help in making it ideal for small electric grids and also for the locations that cannot support the large reactors that offer utilities to the flexibility to scale production as demand changes.

A new innovation was the light water reactor technology. It has fleeked remarkably safe and delivered and excellent performance record in the technological industry. Hence, extending the operating lifetimes of the current technological plants beyond 60 years and making more further improvements in their productivity that will generate early benefits from development, research and demonstration investments in nuclear power.

The next innovation that landed in was advanced reactor technological, this has truly been a boon considering that it will continue to provide very clean, secure as well as affordable energy while supporting the administration’s greenhouse gas by bringing in advanced designs in the field of new energy and industrial markets. The experts have also been working on the technological, advancement for thermal as well as fast neutron spectrum system.

For a span of more than 50 years now, space power systems of the Department of Energy and it’s similar based industries have been deeply and greatly involved in the research and development of space. They have been exploring it’s possibilities of fuel cells, solar power and battery power supplies.

Therefore, being said all of this, the debate for the pros and cons of nuclear energy has been on since a long time. Nut, the teaming up of technology and nuclear powers has surely reeled in some great deals for the industry. It is a great resource that can be innovated to further dimensions if used with correct set of technology.


Written by Kashti Mishra

Technology Analyst of the team .. Holds the Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication from Amity University. She handles the IOT, AI, ML, Cloud,Mobile Technologies related analysis for Techiexpert ,

kashti can be reached at [email protected]

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