Impact of Retails jobs with AI and E-Commerce

Impact of Retails jobs with AI and E-Commerce2

According to a researcher working at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, for people who work in the sector of retail sales it is now time to explore new fields of career and occupation. The researcher who is also a professor of information technology and business at the university writes about a new problem in his very recent research paper. Here, he speaks about the problem for people working in retail. According to him, this problem is twofold.

Working Along With Retail Conglomerates

The first problem is working with retail conglomerates online. According to his research, such online retailers as Amazon are much ahead of the sales in department stores. The online retailers have a new technique in terms of sale. They have started to replace all their salespeople with artificial intelligence such as robots and machine learning. These are being named as sales machines. According to the professor, even today in an environment which is face to face, a buyer would still prefer to interact on a more personal level with the human salesperson. However, in a virtual environment nobody has such demands. Most buyers do not have any inclination to know what is responding to the questions they have, as long as these are answered accurately.Impact of Retails jobs with AI and E-Commerce

Advantages of Using Machines

There are other advantages of using such machines instead of real human beings. Such machines can be programmed so that these use a marketing known as segment of one. This is used in order to track the behaviours of customers and understand such individual behaviour properly. With the help of this technology it becomes possible to customize products for customers. It is also possible to make the services personalized for each customer. The robots have slowly gained much more importance. These robots also have a huge reservoir of data about each potential customer at their service. They can also process such data much more quickly than a human being. Hence, it is easier for them to serve a customer in a personalized manner. The human beings working in retail have become easily replaceable as a result. At the beginning, according to him the human and the robot can work to complement and supplement each other. However, with time as the artificial intelligence and machine learning gets stronger, it will become super intelligent. At that point, human beings will no longer be necessary for retail services at department stores.

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