Impactful Pitch launches Gen AI pitch deck builder

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Impactful Pitch launches Gen AI pitch deck builder 1

Impactful pitch, which provides end-to-end fundraising services, has launched This Gen AI pitch deck builder can help start-ups generate a pitch deck within minutes. It packs in all the elements essential for the start-up to create an investor-ready pitch deck. With an easy and intuitive input process, can design a personalized pitch deck without the need for a designer or content writer.


In this competitive start-up ecosystem, the pitch deck stands as a USP for entrepreneurs who are navigating the challenging terrain of securing funding. This powerful presentation plays a pivotal role in communicating a start-up’s vision, strategy, and potential to investors. aims to streamline the process and save entrepreneurs from the tedious, time-consuming task of pitch deck creation. Through the platform, the start-up has to input some information on the company through a short questionnaire, or import a file containing information about the company. Inputs like basic company information, product idea, brand name, logos, taglines and statistics need to be entered into the platform. Gen AI will process this information and will generate entire pitch deck along with content & design. The extensive library of design templates includes sleek, modern layouts or bold/colourful layouts which can be chosen to match the brand’s style and personality. Customisation of these templates in terms of fonts, colours are also allowed via

Differentiators of

Tailored Investment Pitch Deck: While many AI tools offer a range of presentations catering to various needs, stands out by focusing exclusively on crafting personalized investor-ready pitch decks. Unlike generalized templates, our platform understands the specific requirements of the startup ecosystem, ensuring that each deck and narrative are precisely aligned with what VCs and investors seek.

Specialized for Entrepreneurs: is designed with a laser focus on founders who prioritize having personalized investment-ready decks. By honing in on this specific audience, we can provide unparalleled support and resources tailored to their fundraising needs.

Personalization for Brand Alignment: We recognize the importance of brand identity in the startup world. goes beyond cookie-cutter solutions by offering personalized investment decks that align seamlessly with each company’s unique brand story, colors, and narrative. This customization ensures that every pitch deck reflects the essence and personality of the startup, enhancing its appeal to potential investors.

Market Dynamics and AI Advancements:

The presentation software market is booming, expected to grow from US$ 6,694.1 Million in 2024 to US$ 16,263.3 Million by 2031, driven by a 13.5% CAGR. AI is revolutionizing this landscape, with AI-powered presentation makers making the creation process faster and more efficient. Leveraging machine learning, these tools analyze data to craft personalized, engaging presentations. The expansive AI market, valued at around 200 billion U.S. dollars in 2023 and expected to exceed 1.8 trillion U.S. dollars by 2030, underscores the transformative potential of AI-driven solutions., as a Gen AI pitch deck builder, exemplifies this trend, empowering startups to effortlessly create investor-ready pitch decks and catalyze innovation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Empowering entrepreneurs to craft their stories effortlessly, is revolutionizing the start-up landscape, making dreams tangible in a matter of moments,” says Nikhil Parmar, Founder & CEO of Impactful Pitch. “It’s not just about building pitch decks; it’s about catalyzing a wave of innovation that touches a billion lives.”

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