Imperial College scientists create AI system to help treat sepsis

A scientist has created an AI system which could help treat patients with sepsis by predicting the best treatment strategy.

The system which is developed by researchers from the Imperial College London in the UK analyzed the records of about 100000 hospital patients in intensive care units and each and every single doctor’s decision affecting them.

The findings, published in the journal natural medicine, showed the Artificial Intelligence system which is made more reliable treatment decisions that human doctors.

The system which is called by the name as AI clinician, which could be used alongside medical professionals, to help the doctors decide the best treatment strategy for patients.

“Sepsis claims six million lives worldwide — so we desperately need new tools at our disposal to help patients,” said Aldo Faisal from Imperial College London.  “Our new AI system was able to analyze a patient’s data –such as blood pressure and heart rate — and decide the best treatment strategy. We found that when the doctor’s treatment decision matched what the AI system recommended, they had a better chance of survival,” Faisal said.

To help the doctors decide which approach would be going to boost a patients chance of survival, the research team created on the AI system which would assess a patient’s vital signs and recommend the best approach for treatment approach.

“The AI Clinician was able to ‘learn’ from far more patients than any doctor could see in a lifetime,” said Anthony Gordon, a professor at Imperial College London.

“It has learned from 100,000 patients and ‘remembered’ them all equally whereas doctors are always susceptible to recall bias, where they particularly remember recent cases or unusual cases,” Gordon said.


Written by Udit Agarwal

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