Implementing AI in Digital Marketing – You Need to Know These Things

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Implementing AI in Digital Marketing – You Need to Know These Things 1

You’ll have probably heard someone say that artificial intelligence is coming, and it’s going to take all our jobs. This hopefully isn’t the case, but there’s no doubt that everyone needs to be aware of what it can do. The more likely scenario is that it becomes integrated with several industries, acting as just another useful tool like Google or Microsoft Excel.

The digital marketing industry is evolving with AI, and there’s no doubt that marketers need to keep up with its developments. If you aren’t implementing AI in a range of ways in your digital marketing agency, you should be. From chatbots to content generation, AI is here to make online advertising more efficient than ever before.  

AI is a Game changer for Chatbots

Chatbots have been around since the dawn of the internet, but they are only recently starting to become truly impressive. Various major industries have incorporated AI-powered chatbots already, and these are improving customer support massively. For instance, Peloton and Nykaa are famous for having state-of-the-art chatbots.

Customer support is vitally important in other forms of entertainment as well, such as the online casino industry. When players play online blackjack at Paddy Power, they feel comfortable in the knowledge that there’s a handy help section at the bottom of the page. If they need assistance with any of the live dealer games like All Bets Blackjack or Unlimited Blackjack, they know they can instantly open a chat. The chatbots on the site are trained to answer a vast number of questions and put customers through to human support staff if the need arises.

Digital marketers need to embrace the power of these AI chatbots and start integrating them into sales funnels. When a potential lead clicks on your advert, it’s handy to have a chatbot in place on the next page to qualify them. This can serve a few different purposes, such as finding out if they are interested and need the product and identifying their budget.

Content Generation is Even Better With AI

One of the key aspects of digital marketing is content creation, and this can also be one of the most time-consuming parts of a marketer’s job. If you were able to automate just one aspect of your business, it would probably be most efficient to opt for content creation. This would give you so much more time to optimize other aspects of the business and generate more sales.

AI-generated content is everywhere now, and you only have to browse through YouTube Shorts to see countless videos that have been put together using AI tools. Video editing is becoming a breeze thanks to the ability to automate tasks such as shot selection and transitions within editing tools. There’s also been the emergence of platforms like DeepBrain AI and Pictory that help with the creation of videos.

You may have noticed that there has been a recent rise of AI voiceovers in online videos as well. These provide seamless narration and lead to better quality video content than if you were to try to record the audio yourself – unless you’re a professional narrator, of course. Some of the best tools for this are Lovo and Synthesys, and their inclusion can boost engagement with your video ads.

Data Collection Makes Targeting Easier

Part of the reason why the digital marketing industry is the behemoth it is today has been thanks to AI integration on Facebook and Google that has helped with targeting. Now, digital marketers can leverage the power of AI to collect data and ensure that ads are being shown to the right groups. Algorithms can run in-depth analyses on customer behavior to help marketers make better decisions based on the data, and can spot trends and patterns that may not be noticeable to the human eye.

Demographic targeting is one of the best ways to get your product or service in front of the right people. However, in some circumstances, it can be hard to identify who falls into this bracket. With AI data collection, you can easily zone in on the exact type of person who is likely to want to purchase. Likewise, with behavioral targeting, algorithms can process mass amounts of data to discover common purchasing patterns or website browsing behavior.

The Age of Laser Focused Marketing is Upon Us

Remember the days when you had to sit through adverts that had no relevance to you whatsoever? Those days could soon be in the past, as AI helps the digital marketing industry enter the age of what Galactic Fed refers to as “hyper targeting.” There have already been major improvements in the social media age, where adverts are uncannily shown to the right people who may have already been thinking of buying that product.

Soon, it could be the case that adverts for products or services show up to consumers exactly when they need them. The longer AI is around, the more efficient and capable it will become, and the algorithms will improve with more data as well. This means that marketers will have the power to pinpoint their ideal customers with 100 percent accuracy.

If you aren’t implementing AI methods in your marketing campaigns yet, you need to start doing so. The industry is rapidly moving forward with AI assistance, and marketers that don’t use it will be left behind.

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