Important Data Center Management Tips

Important Data Center Management Tips 1

Have you seen how many components an average network system comprises? The number of active equipment for datum processing can total several dozen or hundred. Add accessories and cables to this number, and you’ll get a hundred components. Thus, most technicians prefer to accommodate network systems in separate isolated data centers. Moreover, if we talk about large systems that serve great enterprises, whole buildings are reserved for data centers.

Data centers are isolated premises with the entire required infrastructure for IT hardware performance. The required environment is created and maintained in such rooms to ensure smooth system operation. Premises are equipped with sensors and PDUs, do not have windows and plumbing, etc.

Benefits of Data Center Management

Data center arrangement has the following advantages:

  1. 100% security since access to such rooms is limited. Only authorized staff can enter the premises via special passes. Thus, the risk of intentional damage is eliminated. Expensive computing equipment is secure.
  2. The creation of the required environment. IT hardware is vulnerable to climatic changes. Surges of humidity or temperature can lead to equipment malfunction and system troubleshooting. The installation of cooling system solutions in closed premises allows for achieving and maintaining the required climate.
  3. Easy maintenance and access to all devices due to the use of specialized furniture and serving tools.
  4. Ergonomic hardware allocation and secure fastening due to the use of cabinets and racks.
  5. Isolation from employees won’t disturb or distract them.

Yet, running a data center is not an easy task. System administrators who are responsible for data center organization and maintenance face lots of challenges.

Tips for Wise and Efficient Data Center Management

A data center is an excellent solution for telecommunication equipment accommodation and storage. Yet, when arranging this room, keep in mind the following solutions. Wise data center management will help avoid many mistakes and foresee possible hazards.

Server equipment racks

The choice of the appropriate furniture for data centers is an essential task. Manufacturers offer a great diversity of models in the modern market. Products fall into two large groups:

  • open-frame racks;
  • solid enclosures.

According to the place of installation and type of mounting, floor-standing cabinets, and wall-mount products are distinguished.

When choosing suitable options for your premises, keep in mind the following parameters:

  • the number of devices to be housed inside (servers, switches, accessories, cables);
  • the size of the room (and the place of mounting, consequently);
  • access to unauthorized third-party people.

Consult skilled administrators if you have some questions or problems with a room layout.

Storage space

Note that at the stage of selecting appropriate models, it is essential to make a server rack layout to find out the required furniture size and measure devices. Here, remember two important rules:

  • devices are accommodated loosely to ensure sufficient airflow between them for better cooling;
  • extra space is left for cable routing and further system enlargement.

As for premises, you should assess the available space and make a layout. Here, remember about hot and cold aisles. If you place cabinets properly, the natural airflow will perfectly cool down cabinets with air aisles.

When choosing the best location for data centers, it is advisable to avoid plumbing, windows, and direct sunlight.

Cable management

Cabling is another essential issue for every system administrator since hundreds or even thousands of wires are responsible for connecting devices, ensuring communication between units, and system powering. Tangling leads to occidental raptures and longer maintenance. According to the best practices for cable wiring, the following techniques are applied:

  • accessories are used to keep cords neat and organized (hooks, ties, arms, vertical and horizontal bars, organizers, etc.). These tools allow for arranging cables in bundles and stretching them neatly.
  • labeling cords with colorful stickers simplify identification and maintenance.
  • the use of wires of different colors;
  •  keeping patch cable short.

Arranging your cords will bring orders to your data center and prevent systems from accidental damage.

Hardware temperature

When computing devices operate, they emit much heat. Thus, foresee cooling strategies beforehand. The following solutions are applied:

  • open-frame racks allow for free air circulation and natural cooling, which eliminates the necessity to use forced cooling tools;
  • if you use enclosed cabinets, you should install fans to force the airflow to circulate through the hardware;
  • metal enclosures have specialized slots for cabling. However, not all holes are used. In such cases, the air from outside can penetrate the cabinet body and disturb the inner climate. Blanking panels and similar accessories are used to plug unused slots.

Modern technology allows for installing multiple sensors for environmental monitoring to prevent overheating and send prompt alerts to the control board.

Energy efficiency

Power consumption is a crucial issue since it influences expenses. The use of modern equipment allows for reducing the level of consumed power.

Calculate the required power capacity of PDUs to feed your system in advance. Make sure that PDUs are powerful enough to cater to your IT system.

Routine maintenance

Preventative maintenance means prompt and timely elimination of possible hazards. The staff regularly should check the following parameters:

  • environmental indicators;
  • power supply;
  • software errors;
  • cable integrity.

Data center operations management is no less important for continuous performance. Keeping in mind these tips will provide technicians with a helpful tool for future arrangements.

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