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Improve hiring Quality, Hiring, reduced biases with AI Model - 1

In what ways does ensure that the quality of hires is improved through its platform?

Advertisement’s JobFit AI™ Engine leverages advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and assessment models to assess candidates across multiple dimensions, including behaviour fit, domain fit, and overall job fitment. By automating these assessments, accelerates the hiring process, reduces costs, and enhances the quality of hires for businesses.

The key features of’s JobFit AI™ Engine includes:

  • AI Screening: Automates the initial screening process to identify qualified candidates.
  • AI Behaviour Fitment Interviews: Assesses candidates’ behavioural fit for specific roles.
  • AI Domain Fitment Interviews: Evaluates candidates’ domain expertise and suitability.
  • Multi-Language Support: Supports multiple languages to cater to diverse candidate pools.
  • Proprietary Job Fitment Prediction Engine: Benchmarks candidates against job requirements to determine perfect fitment.
  • Mobile and Web Accessibility: Enables seamless access for both candidates and hiring teams.
  • Plug and Play Integration: Easily integrates with existing recruitment systems for quick deployment.

Companies will be benefitting immensely from through its seamless start feature, allowing them to instantly assess candidates from job postings across various platforms. They will also enjoy triple insights, gaining comprehensive understanding into candidates’ suitability with just one assessment. With the precision in prediction facilitated by the JobFit AI(TM) Engine, companies will be able to identify the perfect job fit accurately. Moreover, will promote smart hiring harmony by seamlessly integrating AI insights with human expertise, ensuring optimal hiring decisions.

Can you explain how simplifies the hiring process for both employers and candidates? empowers both employers and employees to gain a significant competitive advantage in the realm of talent acquisition by harnessing cutting-edge AI technology. This technology evaluates a range of critical factors, including personality traits, cognitive capabilities, motivations, and emotional intelligence, all while adhering to industry benchmarks and standards.

Let’s delve into the tangible benefits that delivers to employers:

  • Efficient Screening: automates the initial screening process, swiftly identifying qualified candidates based on predefined criteria.
  • Behaviour Fitment Interviews: Conducts behavior fitment interviews, providing insights into candidates’ personality traits, cognition, and emotion levels, ensuring alignment with job requirements.
  • Domain Fitment Evaluation: Assesses candidates’ domain expertise, enabling employers to make informed decisions on technical proficiency and industry-specific knowledge.
  • AI Job Fitment Prediction Engine: The JobFit AI™ Engine benchmarks candidates against job requirements, offering accurate insights for data-driven hiring decisions.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrates with existing recruitment systems, ensuring a smooth transition and quick deployment without disrupting workflow.

           Additionally, here are a few benefits that delivers to employees:

  • Guided AI Interviews: Candidates experience a guided AI interview interface, creating a user-friendly and comfortable environment for showcasing their skills.
  • Multi-Language Support: Supports multiple languages, catering to diverse candidate pools and promoting inclusivity.
  • Instant Assessment: Candidates benefit from a seamless start feature, enabling instant assessment from job postings across various platforms.
  • Comprehensive Insights: provides triple insights, giving candidates a comprehensive understanding of their suitability for a position with just one assessment.
  • Privacy and Transparency: Maintains a commitment to transparency by elucidating the specific methodologies employed, ensuring candidates are informed and reassured about their privacy rights.
  • What feedback have you received from clients regarding the effectiveness of in enhancing their hiring workflows?

Since its inception, has facilitated hiring processes that are 60% faster, saving businesses up to 44% of operational hours. With over 10,000 candidates interviewed in India and Asia, continues to drive efficiency and effectiveness in talent acquisition. For organizations seeking to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape, offers the tools and insights needed to drive success in the ever-evolving world of talent acquisition.

Are there any upcoming features or functionalities that is particularly excited about releasing? just upgraded its version, bringing some intriguing new features to the platform. The JobFit AI™ Engine has undergone significant enhancements. This engine now includes improved natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and assessment models, allowing for more in-depth applicant assessments across dimensions such as behaviour fit, domain fit, and overall job fit. This improvement seeks to give organizations with even more accurate and effective recruiting options, therefore speeding the hiring process and boosting hiring quality.

Can you share insights into how plans to continue innovating to meet the changing needs of its clients and the market? prioritizes innovation to fulfill the increasing demands of its clients and the market. stands out in the competitive employment market by expediting the recruiting process by up to 50%, assuring quick recruitment.

Here’s how achieves this:

  • Automated Interviews: Conduct interviews seamlessly, without the need for human intervention.
  • AI Analysis: Utilize advanced AI algorithms to extract over 180 datapoints, including behavioural patterns, psychometric parameters, and construal level.
  • Unmatched Accuracy: Benefit from deep expertise in behavioural science, providing precise and actionable insights.
  • Streamlined Hiring: simplifies the hiring process, enabling data-driven decisions for faster results.

Could you share a success story where significantly reduced the time-to-hire for a client?

Organizations are looking to new solutions to streamline procedures, improve efficiency, and secure top-tier talent in the quickly changing world of talent acquisition. is in the vanguard of this disruptive wave, enabling businesses to revamp their employment practices with cutting-edge AI technology. This paradigm-shifting tool has proven to be beneficial in a variety of industry contexts. In the following case studies, we look at how leading IT/ITES service providers and dynamic Ed-Tech startups used to overcome unique talent acquisition challenges, resulting in significant improvements in turnaround times, hiring quality, and overall workforce effectiveness.

Case Study: A well-known IT/ITES services conglomerate encountered issues due to a high attrition rate of roughly 40%, resulting in significant time and effort spent on talent acquisition by a big recruitment team of over 200 people. Niche talents, particularly in digital and data, demanded 30-day turnaround times.

Solution: To solve these difficulties, the organization opted to adopt Konverz.AI for screening purposes, focusing on both high-volume roles and those needing specialized abilities. The goal was to simplify the hiring process and reduce the number of phases required.


  • Reduced Turnaround Time (TAT): The use of Konverz.AI resulted in a 45% decrease in the time required to finish the hiring process.
  • Improved Hiring Quality: Hiring managers reported a considerable improvement, with a satisfaction rating of 4.2 or higher for candidates processed by Konverz.AI.
  • Improved Candidate Experience: The candidate experience improved significantly, with a 15% rise in satisfaction levels following adoption.
  • Gains in Efficiency: Due to the success of the AI-powered solution, there were plans to downsize the recruitment crew.

What specific features or capabilities does offer that contribute to faster hiring times? marks a revolutionary change from conventional talent acquisition methods, offering organizations a profound competitive edge through the utilization of AI technology. This technology evaluates a range of critical factors, including personality traits, cognitive capabilities, motivations, and emotional intelligence, all while adhering to industry benchmarks and standards.

Let’s delve into the tangible benefits that offers:

  • Cost Reduction: Implementing can lead to a substantial reduction in the cost per hire, potentially lowering it by up to 30%. This translates to more efficient allocation of your hiring budget, allowing you to achieve your recruitment goals without overspending.
  • Time Optimization: One of the standout advantages is the remarkable acceleration of the hiring process, with the potential to cut time to hire by as much as 50%. By streamlining hiring activities, enables you to swiftly identify and onboard top talent.
  • Fitment Improvement:’s AI-driven assessments can significantly enhance fitment percentages, potentially boosting them by up to 40%. This results in a much-improved alignment between candidates and the specific job requirements, leading to higher overall satisfaction for both candidates and employers.
  • Productivity Boost: Beyond cost and time savings, also contributes to a notable increase in recruiter and business productivity, potentially by as much as 30%. This productivity enhancement extends to the onboarding and ramp-up period, ensuring that new hires become productive contributors more swiftly.
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