In-Game Chat App – Revolutionizing the Mode of Communication in Gaming

In-Game Chat App – Revolutionizing the Mode of Communication in Gaming 1

The culture of online video gaming is thriving more accessible and social than ever before. Back in early years, there were no chat apps or voice chat to direct multiplayer to set the game going to winning positions. Now, the online gaming world transformed to a new beginning where networked play and socializing at its touch.

A treasure trove for gamers, especially to the younger generation, talking and chatting to engage, plan, record the footage and networking have been the comfort provided by the in-game chat app.

In-game chat is the broad term for sharing dialogues between the game team users. These platforms have the potential to cover a wide range of formats that stands as a tool to exchange of conversation such as dialogue box as text messages, Audio and video chat that takes place in Skype.

This is for any range of gamers versed with the in-game chat functionalities that pass from friendly conversation to full of  the barrage. However, these modes of conversations are monitored and stored by the network providers in cloud storage. This also served to arise several questions like how to create a chat game that engages millions of users and also to facilitate a comfort zone for gamers.

The Stellar In-game Chat App for Gamers are used by 90 Million Users Globally. 

In-Game Chat App – Revolutionizing the Mode of Communication in Gaming 2

The in-game chat app is equipped with certain hallmarks that relatively assist in magnifying the chat retention and user engagement using some of the in-game chat functionalities powered by chat communities.

Some of the Superlative Hallmarks of In-Game Chat Functionalities that Redefine the exchange of Words for Gamers.

1. Channel Differentiation:

If the user is expecting a wide range of game strategies that approach only from in-app but also from outside gameplay, then probably social channels would be the tool to assist in coordinating with the players for better assessment of the game plan. A guild or public channel can perform in helping you to attain evidence and presence of players within the certain shortlisted community to assist each other in a closely built community.

2. Moderation Tools:

The significant role of this feature is to avoid the heating up of conversation that results in toxicity. The moderation tools assist in monitoring the spam and belittle users through certain features such as Mute users, solidify the channels, forbid and deactivate the users wholly from all the channels.

3. Direct Messages:

The game chat app availability of voice and video chat is predominately set to fire on messaging where all the gamers have been double-edged swords to compete for each other. Through the effective communication on messaging enables the players to act as a mechanism that trolls repeatedly over each other. This feature is enabled with profanity scanners and spam filters constantly ban or filter the abusive users.

There are certain advanced moderation tools in-game chat app available to streamline the flow of the game plan and social chat much closer to the game’s brand.

Would the Future of Modern Social Gaming Replace Social Media Communication?

Due to the facts, that give rise to social gaming. The number of in-game chat app users is steadily increasing all the corners of the world, especially with the younger generations. According to a report the global game market revenue is projected to reach $180.1 Billion in the year 2022. On considering the abrupt growth in the gaming market that relatively transform the value of in-game chat functionalities and also consider as “Social Gaming” which is expected to replace social media.

Bottom line:

In-game chat has been a great way to encompass social gaming into your exemplary application to power-rise the integrity of your own brand. Apart from the above features and moderation tools, some of the advanced and customized reduction tools are offered by major Chat API & Messaging SDK solution providers in the market. Some modern communication possibilities such as Voice/Video, channel filters & low latency would persistently assist in preventing any sort of toxicity brewing within your own brand’s game app.    

Written by Alex Sam

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