Inbound marketing or outbound marketing: how to choose?

Inbound marketing,outbound marketing

The mind of a successful entrepreneur is tireless and understands that investing in order to maintain a business reputation and growth is important.

To increase revenue, you need to use Sales – if you have not received a generous donation, as I said above.

Thus, in order to stimulate business sales, marketing assumes a strategic role.

Here I will not explore the theoretical aspect, although the blog already has excellent explanatory content. What is marketing?

I often say that marketing is the oxygen of a sales team. And this is not news that without sales there is no business that thrives.

Now, how is it so important, how did the marketing of a business visually reflect it?

In the end, marketing has matured, adapted more and more to new scenarios, and if it cannot contribute to the real and measurable growth of your sales team, what is its significance?

Digital Marketing Consolidation

I must admit that I love GoPro Video, I am passionate about photography, and I admire the overproduction that they can deliver in a video in a few minutes.

The fact is that it is not known how many people bought GoPro because of these productions.

Of course, there is a problem with working with images and brand awareness resulting from these actions, but what I’m trying to solve is beyond Branding, that is, brand management for the associated value.

The manager needs more than fine arts and excellent productions. The golden word is the result. And this digital marketing understands well, because every action can and should be measured.

Subjective concepts are not included in what has been recognized as Marketing Effectiveness. To learn more about concepts related to digital marketing and its basic strategies, there are full articles and are very clear here on the blog.

My focus here is not to delve into the basics of digital marketing, but rather to answer one of the most frequently asked questions in the last few years by managing digital marketing campaigns for companies of any size.

When an Entrepreneur realizes that he needs to invest in Digital Marketing, he basically sees Fronts 2: outbound marketing and inbound marketing. What’s better?

When should you invest in inbound marketing?

According to Inbound Marketing book, it is about attracting customers instead of “chasing them.”

The dynamics sound like something perfect. You determine the needs of your audience, get valuable content and draw your attention to the issue of creating relationships.

When the host, that is, the visitor who left your email in your contact list, feeds on your emails/content and starts interacting with your brand, the chances of becoming a customer become even more significant.

This customer is currently buying bingo! Inboxes worked, at least from the very beginning.

After the purchase, your customer must be fascinated by your product/service in order to become an evangelizer of your brand and continue to grow with your after-sales content.

In the end, the tendency is for him to spontaneously attract new stakeholders for his brand. The famous “word of mouth” was and remains powerful.

The question is, does this work in practice?

Good news

The good news is yes, of course! Recalling that we are considering a well-designed strategy that includes:

  • Create landing pages (i.e. grab pages and sales pages)
  • Content marketing to create rich articles and materials that will be offered in exchange for emails,
  • A tool to store your mailing list
  • Email segmentation through digital niche lures
  • Email Automation
  • Writing emails and replies to food by email
  • paid advertising on social networks to increase access to the page
  • Automation of sales

These are just some of the key actions related to Inbound, the format of the strategy will depend on the goals and characteristics of each business.

The bad news

The bad news is that this does not happen right away, it will be necessary to measure many tests to determine which content has the best conversion rate, and requires significant money for the effective implementation of Inbound.

This type of strategy is ideal for more mature companies, with full clarity about the opportunities and expectations of returns in the medium and long term.

Not all companies can invest stably and massively in a long-term strategy.

When to invest in outbound marketing?

Outbox preaching the opposite logic. Instead of indirectly attracting your potential customer, you need to highlight your brand, focusing on direct sales.

Capturing public attention is becoming increasingly complex and costly; this is not new to anyone.

Some actions won the fame of “villains.” After all, most of them are not fans of advertising, breaks, advertising; usually considered uncomfortable or even invasive.

Yes, there is this aspect.

But what about when a person is really interested and looking for an ad?

The presence of advertising during the customer’s needs is more than assertive, it is potentially beneficial.

Investing in advertising is a highly effective strategy when it is carried out correctly, with appropriate segmentation and as soon as possible together with the appropriate channels.

Consider Google Adwords. If you work with furniture remodeling and advertise your site for this keyword, the chances of getting qualified contacts when a user searches for furniture remodeling on Google are high and your brand will be found at the top of the results.

Do you really think the potential customer will be concerned about advertising? Of course not, he was just looking for him.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that your traffic, i.e. hits from your campaign to your site will be canceled when the loan runs out. That is, your site receives qualified visitors only when you pay for them.

And this, of course, is not encouraging. For example, if you have any problems with your campaign account, your business will be stalled if it only depends on it.

This is why investing on both fronts to attract customers over the Internet is crucial. You do not have to be a marketer to know that you never “put eggs in one basket”.

Diversification may be one of the healthiest factors in marketing campaigns.

What strategy do you invest in: Outbound or Inbound?

It may seem cliché, but the truth is that you need to invest in both.

For more short-term access, invest in Outbound; to increase your long-term profitability, invest in Inbound.

If you need to choose only one of them, think about the stage of your business.

To warm sales, and especially in younger deals, Outbound is crucial. When a brand gains strength, Inbound is very appropriate.

The stronger your marketing, the more consistent – and predictable – the contacts your sales team will receive.

What will be the impact on your business? There is no magic formula. The return is proportional to the investment. Who or what will dictate, right or wrong? Well, the answer will come from something irrefutable: numbers!

Written by Srikanth

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