Increasing trends in Online gaming during covid-19

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Increasing trends in Online gaming during covid-19 1

The coronavirus epidemic 2019 (COVID-19) has caused the world to stagnate, affecting millions around the world (World Health Organization [WHO]. including schools and businesses, and geographical segregation. To combat the spread of COVID-19, the Indian government has implemented national closure measures and policies of segregation on important activities (health visits, purchasing essentials, and providing essential services). As a result, these measures have led to disruptions in work and education and psychological distress for many people.


The Covid-19 epidemic has left a scar on our social life and forced us to move back to the safety and integration of our living rooms. However, it has certainly failed to suppress mankind’s earning; especially our youth. Evidence of the recent growth in the online gaming industry in India. Sector data has shown that the online casino in the country has grown at a rate of 21% during the pandemic and cold months of Covid-19.

This trend is reassuring and, at the same time, requires new methods and systems to inform consumers in the industry. The COVID-19 epidemic has taken weeks to spread worldwide, affecting the daily lives of consumers around the world. There have been millions of confirmed cases, hundreds of thousands of deaths, and closures – designed to help reduce the rate of infection and death – have severely affected the global economy.
Despite the upcoming storms of global recession – and potentially disappointing – we are currently predicting $ 98 billion in mobile revenue by 2024, a 55.6% increase from 2019 levels. That’s $ 4 billion more than our pre-COVID-19 forecast in the market.

Increasing trends in Online gaming during covid-19 2

It is possible that all of this could be reviewed after a period in which the impact of the epidemic, the potential secondary effects, and the long-term effects of the locks are better known. What is clear so far is that consumers are turning to their phones more than ever to find entertainment and necessities such as shopping and health, and these new trends in real money gaming can last forever.

App Store downloads grew by 35% annually to nearly 3 billion, while Google Play installs increased by 38% to 10.3 billion – record growth in both stores.

Following Q1 2020, game downloads continued to rise. In March, downloads from both Play Store and App Store increased by 24% per month – more than a month which is 5.1 billion, while in April, downloads increased by another 8% per month which is 5.5 billion.

India is a major driver of teen patti online casino game installations worldwide, with the country making 966 million downloads in April alone, a 29% increase since March, and a 92% increase in January. In the United States, downloads reached 527 million in April, up 15% from January, but remain the same as in March. In China, where the ban began in January and has recently been reduced, downloads increased in February to 284.3 million, down 33% to 190.7 million in April.

User spending on real money poker games has also increased. In March, the games generated an estimated $ 5.8 billion worldwide, an 8% increase from February. In April, meanwhile, revenue growth accelerated by a continuous increase of 10% monthly to $ 6.4 billion. The interesting thing here is that revenue growth in April was higher than download growth, and it was the first time since 2014 that the month of April generated more revenue than March.

Increasing trends in Online gaming during covid-19 3

The above consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the downfall in the other sectors will lead to stronger growth in the Real money Gaming Market than the previous forecasts. But more than that these changes will occur over time.

How is this technology integrated with online games?

There are a number of programs developed worldwide to integrate online card games with machine learning and related technologies. For the CPRG homepage, the research team is involved in a project around the use of computers to play poker against it. Another research team has used the Bayesian computational poker method.

Manual strength measurement: The concept of this step includes hands-on completion of a sample of inaccessible cards, and counting winnings, measuring chances of winning. This method uses Monte Carlo samples as a measure to measure a player’s winning strength hand and of the opponent.

In addition, sampling is the fastest way to find the chances of winning, compared to direct calculations. In addition, parametric measurement historical data can detect cases of use of several devices.

Enemy modeling: In this case, player history data is used to quantify the possibilities of available actions (repeat, call, suggest) to each opponent. One effective method is using the Neural Network, which takes into account many factors such as player count, position, game type, etc. This is one of the most effective ways to model opponents.

Decision making and risk management: The third approach involves developing operational activities and listing / measurement strategies. The Role of Learning Machines for this method is very important, and strategies can be acquired based on historical or current data.

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