India Among Top 3 Markets for ChatGPT-Powered Bing Search Engine, Says Microsoft

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India Among Top 3 Markets for ChatGPT-Powered Bing Search Engine, Says Microsoft 1

Among the top three markets for Microsoft’s new Bing preview, India is also emerging day after day. After the incorporation of ChatGPT into it, Microsoft is much better than its rival Google.


If we talk about ChatGPT, then it is an artificial intelligence chatbot that is developed by OpenAI.

Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president and consumer chief marketing officer of Microsoft told PTI has mentioned that the search has changed and will transform. The newly launched capabilities of AI are now increasingly exciting because they’re helping searchers.

As per the response to the question, the Indian market is very active as people in the country are making use of various features that Microsoft has launched the company.

As per the sources it has been observed that Bing is gaining positive feedback from its users.

He also mentioned that the feedback is overwhelmingly positive as people prefer Bing as a new way to search, not just for the answers, but also for chatting and searching. It is helpful in creating the differentiation between Microsoft and Google.

Google is taking an initiative to try the chat that has nothing to do with search and they’re separate products. According to Microsoft, there is only one integrated product.

People have the desire to gain social entertainment and they also want to talk to the AI chatbot. Mehdi has also observed that Microsoft continues to improve the factual accuracy of answers.

Along with being creative, there are still areas where the company can do a better job. Some of the tasks like math questions, and searches about individual people are continuously developing.

In addition to this, the things like knowledge cards and stories are something very unique to Bing, which are not inherited by Google.

At the time of searching, Bing can now give you a much richer answer of what that looks like. They are also actively working on automating particular answers for the Indian market for the top searches.

A search is a magical tool that includes planning and getting answers to complicated questions.

Bing with the new AI, Bing can respond to complicated questions which cannot be done by regular searches.

Bing has its own chat product which is termed as Bard that’s different from Google Search. Bing can serve better offerings to people. It is revolutionizing the future of bringing search and chat and creation together. The latest development would have an impact on the news industry too.

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