India conditionally agrees for net neutrality


Finally the news has come that the Indian government is ready for net neutrality, this was in action long time back but the government was unable to impose this on a serious note. This is done to ensure that various networks should be treated as same with no biasness that will lead to all the internet service providers won’t be able to block, throttle,  give favour to any specific content and there will no biasness in any services.

So this is the result of telecommunication ( it is a part of India’s Department of Telecom) where the rule got evaluated and approved with several recommendations done by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)  in the previous  year  November. TRAI’s developed there protocol which was compiled after some months of thoughts and discussion and knowing input reaction from the public.

This is the great news for those who are in favour of free and unbiased internet access in the whole country. With net neutrality companies will be competing on a level playing ground such as Netflix videos will not feature on a mobile  in favour and if they get more faster speed internet than there rival companies with charges.

It is going to prevent other applications like Facebook, which is most free access in any mobile phones along zero- rated stage which was allowed by several companies. This like a good dream coming true in reality for those who are not will or afford specific data plans, this will allow Facebook to have control over almost any kind of content and services, this is shaping all the thoughts  about internet that what it has to offer customers.

There are specific notes that Telecom Commission must have the knowledge about is traffic like communication have automatic vehicles, along with Tele- medicine or regulate- diagnostic service, this should be imperative for many other data transfer speed. This is said that they will be putting eagle eye on carriers with internet traffic management ways to secure there all fair plan and play.

India is ensuring there step towards net neutrality for nationwide is going to be good for all the consumers and good for all kind of business.  There are other countries which include US would be following the steps. This will be a great decision for all the internet suffering fans to implement there best idea for any network.

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