India Excels in AI Research, Bengaluru Ranks 7th Among Leading AI Hubs

By Sunil Sonkar
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India Excels in AI Research, Bengaluru Ranked 7th Among Leading AI Hubs

Bengaluru was once titled as the Silicon Valley of India. It is now making waves on the global AI stage. A recent report by reveals that the city has secured the seventh spot on the list of top 10 AI hubs worldwide in 2024.


Bengaluru is currently equipped with 759 AI startups and boasts an impressive aggregate score of 4.64. its vibrant startup ecosystem is a magnet for innovation. It attracts AI specialists, data scientists and machine learning experts. It also houses nine premier AI research institutions and these are tied with Berlin for the highest number.

China currently houses 518 AI startups and only six AI research institutions. Bengaluru stands out with its strong academic and research foundation. Institutions like the Berlin Institute for the Foundations of Learning and Data (BIFOLD) in Germany serve as benchmarks for the city. However, Bengaluru’s own research centers are not far behind.

The AI ecosystem in the city further strengthens a wealth of job opportunities and competitive salaries for AI professionals. This is the reason the city has become a desirable destination for talent. The report highlights that the city leads in the number of AI research institutions and simultaneously also in the availability of AI jobs.

Boston in the US is scored 6.26. Singapore, Tel Aviv, Zurich and Toronto are following closely. These are the top five in the list. It is also to be noted that five of the top ten AI hubs are in Asia. This signals the growing influence of AI sector in the continent.

The rise of Bengaluru as an AI hub is a reflection of India’s broader technological ambitions. The country is investing heavily in the AI research and related infrastructure. It is poised to become a global leader in the transformative field.

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