India-France Joining to Promote startup environment


Government of India and France have collaborated their agencies which are ‘Invest India’ and ‘Business France’ and joined their hands to promote investment and a kind cooperative environment to all the start up plans of India and France.  This is a great move by India and France that will help to give much better facility and equipment from outside India to get valuable results by start up plans.

These both agencies from India and France will be collaborating to flourish their business and start up, with the help of such kind of activities they will be able to experience something great and knowledgeable and will be able to identify all kind of opportunities for the benefit of entrepreneurs.

This collaboration in business between France and India for the betterment of private sectors in both the countries, this movement is totally dedicated to give full support and facilities to all sort of companies and start ups that are willing to establish themselves.

The main goal behind the MoU is to bring foreign investment directly to India so that they can provide practical investment knowledge to private sectors and start ups. This enable all kind of companies to get such imperative opportunities which will eventually give the positive growth in economy of these two countries, said the Commerce and Industry Ministr.

The ‘Invest India’ agency was established in 2010 by the Government of India as the official investment division that will be promoting and investing to dedicated start ups and business in India so that they can get all kind of facility and surrounding to give best for the growth of Indian economy.

This is the only door open to facilitate and form a structural mechanism just to lime light in the eyes of foreign investors. The agency had attracted and fully brought foreign investors to India between October 2014 and September 2017, and the whole cost of investment was $7.4 billion in just three years.

This has to be in mind that ‘Invest India’ is a joint initiative between Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion with Ministry of Commerce and Industry and also with Federation of India Chambers of Commerce and Industry, State Government of India.

India has got the position sixth in the world largest economy and France got one less position than India which seventh, this was mentioned in a report by World Bank Figures in the year 2017.

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