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India is going to privatize 100 Terabytes of its citizen data

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IRCTC is the website for railway booking, which is a subsidiary  for the Indian Railway, this is the largest e- commerce portal for Indians that it books almost 1.2 crore (12 million) tickets almost every month which are booked on the IRCTC website.

IRCTC has 3 crore registered users on their website and there are 60 million people visits every month, which is around 2 million people are visiting the site every day. The number of tickets issued by IRCTC on every day basis is 700,000, which is adding more than 100 terabytes data about the passenger getting piled every year, the data includes the name, age, phone number, gender, meal preference, their income if the passenger wants to mention, in case if they have any kind of physical ability or may be is there in defence quota kind of category.

More surprisingly, now the Government of India is planning to sell off all the piled data of passengers to one of the largest bidder which will remain unknown for third party, also by knowing the fact that it is not like the European Union law of GDPR, India does not have any kind of data protection or privacy law for the data.

This is one of the rare decisions made by government for spying or tapping of their own department and it is only for the first time that the government is trying to privatise the data of citizen, to get profit.

These all announcements were made in last month by India’s Rail Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal. This was actually doesn’t make any kind of buzz as despite being major serious issue. In recent times the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has given an idea to use the data by private companies, but nobody talked about this in the side of government which are taking all the databases, and this will give more refined and pure data than other organisation can provide in the country.

“As the Indian government is one the biggest data creator in the world. This has to be handle by the largest volume of data which is used in a very way. Minister added in statement the data analytics is working on the way forward.” Said the India’s Rail minister while representing the round table conference on data analytics for the railways, previous month.

This has to be in mind that data privatization is just the part of Indian railway plans which is under the guidance of IRCTC.

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