India has tackled the cloud in unique way

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      The Google is trying to dominating the cloud computing and trying to build a new ecosystem. It was also ahead of its rivals in the cloud like the Microsoft and Amazon. A country manager from India said that the innovation of technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence should also be evolved apart from the cloud computing. A bunch of initiatives are recently unveiled by the Google like Tez payments App, cloud services to the business and translate app updates. Google is also expecting to achieve a lot in India.Now we will discuss how India has taken the cloud in a unique way.

A lot of opportunities will be present if there is a growing market in the country. For many reasons India is considered as an important market which is growing day-to-day. Investment are also made in high amounts by working hard for many years. To get the results for the investments it is necessary to have a good team. It is an important factor to work and win in the market. The enterprises and consumers in India are taken around the globe trough the internet and the cloud.


   The internet is available everywhere in India and in some places it is available with the conditions like offline access, lower bandwidth and low-cost devices. The internet is required to build the products on the cloud. Right now it is better to think that we are spending a great time in India. Many things are coming forward by using the internet access as the infrastructure. The cost of the data is coming down and the enterprises, smartphones are moving towards the cloud. So the Google is planning to make investment for the infrastructure.


    The Google is investing in the ecosystem because it will help to make the journey of the enterprises like start-ups and large companies to move to the cloud in a smoother way. It is also investing to build up the skill and expertise. It is also great opportunity to work with the companies in India that are serving the businesses. The use cases are developed by the cloud environment which will allow the companies to be more competitive and agile in the market. The consumer will have an absolute control on the data shared by them. The consumer can take decisions to share zero data or some parts of the data according to their choice.

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