India to have AI based Digital Assistant for drivers

India to have AI based Digital Assistant for drivers 1

Car drivers in India are soon going to have Artificial Intelligence based digital co- drivers with no occupation of seat beside car driver in their vehicle as Germany- based start up is ready to launch world’s very first digital assistant for car drivers in India in the up coming year, which is just four months of wait. The name of the Germany- based start up is German Autolabs, this is a very renowned company in the field of vehicle enhancement.

“Chris” is developed by Berlin- based start up German Autolabs, is made in way which is voice- controlled digital assistant which will help the driver to make calls on it, sending messages, listen to whatever the music you want and also get navigation help with touch- free smartphones.

Chris will be attached with the windscreen just like something which is used for navigation and it can be paired with your mobile phone with the help of Bluetooth so that each and every vehicle can be connected car along with some very rich features. The fully pre- active digital assistant is able to understand simple actions and shows the required and relevant information visible on a screen which is coloured.

Chris will also help in navigating all the turn- by- turn navigation for all the maps for 100+ countries. If you want Chris to become an operational, it only need a Bluetooth enable smartphone, with Android 4.4 or higher/ iOS 10 or much higher, a 12V plug in socket or just a USB port for charging the built- in rechargeable battery. Some of the main Chris features need a data connection from your mobile phone.

The price of Chris device is almost about Rs. 21,000, as mentioned at the website.

Daniel Mieves from German Autolabs said in his press release statement that “ Hopefully we will be able to bring Chris in India in the next year. Mapping will definitely works in India, everything works in India… but the only reason of this wait is that we don’t have a distributor, we need a distributor in India. We are getting lot of requests from India”.

It was founded in 2016, by Holger G. Weiss (former CEO at Aupeo and Patrick Weissert (former Director Consumer at HERE), German Autolabs is a technology start up which is based in Berlin for developing “internet of things”  solutions along with Chris, which is going to be the world’s first digital co- driver.

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