Indian Startup Funding Surges to $900 Million in February

In February, Indian startups raised nearly $900 million across 121 deals, signaling robust activity despite ongoing challenges.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Indian Startup Funding Surges to $900 Million in February

In February, Indian startups received a lot more funding than what was expected earlier. This is a good news even though there are still challenges and miles to go. According to data compiled by TheKredible, startups in India raised close to $900 million across 121 deals during the month. This involved investments in both growing and starting stages, showing a wide range of activities in the startup world.


The funding inflow in the month was driven by several large rounds of investment in growth-stage firms, along with decent traction for early-stage startups. Shadowfax raised $100 million in a new round and many other startups also got big funding.

Bengaluru stayed on top for startup deals. The city’s startups managed in collecting 54% of all the funding. Delhi-NCR and Mumbai startups also got a lot of funding, making up a big chunk of the total.

E-commerce startups were at the forefront with the most deals, followed by healthtech, fintech as well as SaaS startups. This mix of different sectors shows how much innovation and entrepreneurship is happening in India’s startup world.

Despite the good news about funding, startups still faced challenges like layoffs and key executives leaving companies. However, there are indications of improvement. Lately, startups are becoming more resilient as well as adept at adapting to changes.

Looking ahead, we anticipate continued growth, especially in fields like Proptech and climate tech. Global changes across industries present fresh opportunities for Indian startups, with investors showing interest in emerging trends and technologies.

As the general elections approach in the country, there might be some uncertainties, but investors are more focused on stable and steady policies rather than quick benefits.

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