Indian Startup NeevCloud Ventures into AI Cloud Arena with Massive GPU Deployment

By Sunil Sonkar
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Indian Startup NeevCloud Ventures into AI Cloud Arena with Massive GPU Deployment

NeevCloud CEO Narendra Sen is leading his company into the competitive world of AI cloud infrastructure. He has an ambitious goal and it is to deploy 40,000 graphics processing units (GPUs) by 2026. The move may transform Indian enterprises landscape by providing robust support for AI workloads.


The AI cloud sector is competition. Yotta stands tall as it is a well-established AI cloud provider and is the first NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) cloud partner in India. It is achieving Elite Partner status globally. It has plans to set up an AI cloud infrastructure with 32,768 GPUs by the end of 2025. NeevCloud too has high aims. It has plans to surpass the Yotta initiative with its deployment of 40,000 GPUs.

However, there is an exciting development from NeevCloud. It is soon to come up with its AI inferencing platform. The platform will offer open-source models like the Llama 3 series, Mistral models and DBRX by Databricks. Sen emphasized the demand for such models in India and is all set to introduce the DBRX model. The launch will be followed by Stability AI’s text-to-image models. It is adopting a slow and steady approach to ensure smooth operations and seamless user experience.

AI inferencing use pre-trained models to make predictions based on new data. As of now, about 3,500 developers have signed up to use the new inference platform of NeevCloud. The beta version is set to be launched later this month. The developers will be offered free tokens to test the platform. The platform will initially leverage about 100 NVIDIA GPUs along with AMD’s M1300X GPUs. Sen believes that Indian developers prioritize functionality and speed over brand names. Hence, their GPUs would be an attractive choice.

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