Indian startup Proxgy Introduces the Kadi UPI Watch

By Srikanth
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Indian startup Proxgy Introduces the Kadi UPI Watch 1

Proxgy, an Indian IoT startup, is reshaping digital transactions for the informal sector in the country. They have introduced the groundbreaking Kadi UPI Watch, priced at under Rs 1000, catering to hawkers and street vendors operating in less formal environments where electricity and shelf space might be scarce.


The Kadi UPI Watch can potentially bring about a digital revolution in the remote regions of India. Despite the widespread adoption of the Unified Payment Interface (UPI), many street vendors and small-scale merchants are still waiting to access its benefits due to limitations such as the absence of smartphones and infrastructure constraints.

In response to this challenge, Proxgy, an inventive IoT solutions provider, has launched the Kadi UPI Watch—a transformative solution to empower hawkers and street vendors operating in informal setups with limited resources. With a budget-friendly price tag of less than Rs 1,000, the Kadi UPI Watch extends digital transactions’ reach to even the nation’s most distant corners.

Pulkit Ahuja highlighted that conventional sound boxes, initially introduced as transaction alert systems, have become counterproductive, cluttering counters with numerous competing devices. The Kadi UPI Watch offers an elegant alternative. This innovative wristwatch-style UPI device eliminates the need for sound boxes, offering a seamless one-touch QR display and vendor-configured payment gateway selection.

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