Indian Startups Mature, Ready to Drive Economic Growth, Says AWS Executive

By Sunil Sonkar
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Indian Startups Mature and Ready to Drive Economic Growth, Says AWS Executive

There is something good saying about Indian startup ecosystem. The startups here are maturing rapidly and are soon may achieve a prominent position in the global economy. The same is being said by Amazon Web Services (AWS) executive Kumara Raghavan.


Raghavan highlighted the current standing of Indian startups. He said it is now the fifth-largest economy globally and may soon rank at the third spot. He added that there are several factors to it. Some of the factors he mentioned were job creation, advancements in infrastructure and adoption of cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, he pointed out the abundant skilled workforce in the country and the capacity to manufacture products for worldwide consumption.

The AWS executive also highlighted the investments of seasoned entrepreneurs in several startups. He underlined the favorable conditions the startups are enjoying in the country.

Raghavan elaborated the evolution of the startup landscape in India. He also noted a trend that founders have initiated multiple ventures in recent years. He emphasized how entrepreneurial experience has pushed the growth as well as success rates of startups.

The robust developer community was also acknowledged considering it to be a driving force too behind the vitality of the Indian startup ecosystem. All these have offered advantage to the startups and strengthened a culture of innovation in the country.

Raghavan asserted further that India presents a vibrant and open market that is equipped with abundant opportunities for startups. He highlighted the increasing adoption of AWS technologies like GenAI, by startups like, Healthify and Fibe (formerly EarlySalary).

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