India’s First 5G-enabled ‘Smart Medical Room’ launched by Medulance

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India's First 5G-enabled ‘Smart Medical Room’ launched by Medulance 1

Medulance, a leading emergency medical service provider, has launched India’s first 5G-enabled ‘Smart Medical Room’ in Gurgaon, a game-changer for corporate health and wellness due to its swift response to emergency care with 5G connectivity. The medical facility was launched at Good Earth Business Bay II, Gurgaon by the Directors of Good Earth Business Bay, Mr. Vidur Khurana, and Mrs. Meeta Khurana, and Medulance founders Mr. Pranav Bajaj and Mr. Ravjot Arora. 


The Smart Medical Room ensures enhanced corporate wellness as it offers state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, telemedicine capabilities, and real-time monitoring systems, empowering corporations to prioritize employee health and well-being like never before. Utilizing 5G connectivity, Smart Medical Rooms, and Advanced Life Support Ambulances facilitate rapid communication and data transfer, reducing response times to under 4 minutes.  

Research indicates that companies with on-site medical rooms see a 59% increase in employee attraction and retention, a 63% decrease in missed work days, a 63% drop in emergency room visits, and a 64% reduction in healthcare costs. 

Medulance makes sure to help quickly when there’s a medical emergency, getting from the office to the hospital in just 4 minutes. They record important information like your health stats both in the medical room and in the ambulance and share it fast with emergency room doctors. This helps doctors start treating you faster, which can make a big difference in how well you recover. Medulance has a program called ‘Platinum 10 Minutes’ where they focus on getting you help fast during those crucial first minutes of an emergency. They use advanced technology and act quickly to give you the best chance of getting better within that important time frame. 

In medical emergencies, timely intervention within the first few minutes is crucial for patient survival. The Platinum 10 Minutes signify this critical window where swift action can determine life or death. Unlike the ‘Golden Hour’ that focuses on the first hour post-incident, the Platinum 10 Minutes demand even quicker responses. Medulance prioritizes this timeframe, ensuring rapid and effective emergency care to enhance treatment outcomes and community well-being. Recognizing the pivotal role of these moments, the healthcare provider leads the way in reshaping emergency medical services to save lives when every second matters. 

This technology enables real-time transmission of vital signs to ER dashboards, empowering doctors to provide immediate assistance remotely. Patient data is relayed in waveform by smart devices, allowing ER doctors to assess vitals and guide paramedics via two-way audio-video communication for efficient first-response care.

“We’re very proud at Medulance to have launched this and I would not like to call it a medical room, it’s a ‘mediclinic’ because it allows us to do a lot more for a patient. It’s India’s first 5G-enabled smart room as we are not only treating basic parameters inside the medical room like CPR or Basic Life Support. We’re also going to provide teleconferencing with the doctor from this medical room and we will ensure that they can see the patient’s vitals remotely. This means blood pressure, sugar levels, and ECGs can be simultaneously shown to a doctor while the patient is on his/her way to a hospital. I would also like to thank Good Earth Infra as it is the first time we are working with a real estate developer, and they are very committed to the safety and well-being of people working here,” says Mr. Pranav Bajaj, Co-Founder, Medulance Healthcare.

“We’re very excited to inaugurate this medical room and our constant endeavor is to upgrade the well-being of people who are working in these buildings. I don’t see my office as a money machine, I am also concerned about the safety, security, and well-being of employees. A lot of things contribute to their well-being like well-lit offices and medical facilities; there is also a Quick Response team outside. For a safe environment, we have a Medulance ambulance stationed outside which is 24X7. We’re also incorporating coffee shops and restaurants for the comfort of our clients. Another feather in our cap today is this 5G medical room, so we are very excited as we want to give all these facilities to our clients in all our upcoming projects,” said Director, Good Earth Infra, Mrs Meeta Khurana.

By facilitating early diagnosis and screening, initiatives like Smart Medical Room not only contribute to improved health outcomes but also mitigate healthcare expenses. Moreover, they serve as a cost-effective means to promptly address workplace emergencies and support employees’ healthcare needs. Complementing this initiative, medical rooms within corporate settings serve as dedicated spaces equipped to handle immediate health concerns, first aid, and even teleconsultations. 

Amidst a global shift towards remote and hybrid work models, heightened by the ongoing pandemic, the demand for flexible healthcare solutions within corporate environments has never been more evident. Onsite medical rooms emerge as pivotal resources, offering immediate health support, bolstering mental well-being, and navigating pandemic-related obstacles. Their implementation delivers a myriad of advantages, from enhancing preventive care and boosting attendance and productivity to fostering trust, ensuring financial stability, and promoting overall employee well-being.

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