India’s first Lithium- ion cell factory to takeoff soon

India's first Lithium- ion cell factory to takeoff soon 1

If you love technology and it’s related aspects you must have heard the name of Giga Factory, which produces lithium-ion battery at largest scale in the world at Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc. Now in the upcoming growth of Chandrababu Naidu led Andhra Pradesh, India firm Munoth Industries is going to set up a factory for producing lithium-ion cell. The total investment for the set up is  ₹799 crore and this is first time in India.

The point that should be noticed that the factory in India is a “cell plant” different from Elon Musk’s Tesla which manufactures ” lithium- ion battery”. A cell is a single unit of battery which contains electrodes, separator and electrolytes whereas battery consists of many cells or cell assemblies. As for example, electric automobiles use battery but not the cell. On the other side cell factory is aiming to target mobile industry for consumption at the first phase. The first phase going to be in action in March 2019, but the second and third phase will commence in 2022.

The Indian Cellular Association stated while announcing the strategy of the company that “The main component is manufacturing in India,  the automatic result of this will be rise in the value addition of such battery pack which will eventually increase the worth of mobile phones.”

The newly made plant will have the capability to manufacture cells that have power of 1 million Ah per day, and this set up of factory is going to provide occupation to more than 1,700 people. Munoth is working in collaboration with China’s Better Power company to produce lithium-ion cells in India.

In the start Munoth company was into distribution of mobile phones but as the time passed they started putting their efforts in the field of manufacturing lithium-ion cell, said Managing Director Vikas Munoth.

It is also said that Indian Space centre (ISRO) has offered their own techniques of manufacturing lithium- ion battery for the valuable startups and companies in India for Rs. 1 crore.

In the pervious year, Transportation Minister of India Nitin Gadkari visited Tesla and he invited Musk to open lithium- ion factory in India. However Tesla never took the offer seriously and didn’t want to open any factory in India.

Under the project ‘MALTA’  a new fantastic innovation is being secretly  developed for renewable energy.

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