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Satya Yeramsetti, Founder and CEO Telebu

Video & Audio conferencing industry has been recording a steady Y-o-Y growth for more than a decade now. Amidst this, the global pandemic and consequential lockdown has just accelerated the rate at which businesses across the country are adapting the virtual communication platforms. Undoubtedly, the number of inquiries in this segment has significantly increased by 100% W-o-W from March 2020 to July 2020, demonstrating a tremendous growth opportunity for the telecommunications companies in India.


Growth rate of communication enterprises

The enterprise communication market is growing at a tremendous rate and is set to grow at 17.5% CAGR between 2020-2025. Collectively, the Enterprise Communication and Collaboration market is expected to hit USD 45 Billion by 2025.

Being in the same field, as per our observations and expectations we feel that though the initial traction has been seen in North America and European markets; Asia, Africa & South America markets are also on a tipping point.

Apart from that a steady growth in the Indian market is also observed. Our growth in Indian Markets has been around 25% M-o-M, about 34% M-o-M in Middle East and we are looking at 15% M-O- M growth from our forays into South East Asia and African Markets.

How is the response in Tier-II and Tier-III cities

Telecommunications industry has gained a high momentum in the recent past, presenting a huge growth opportunity for the telecom companies explore and utilize as a key component for business growth.

Tier-II and tier-III cities have outgrown the expectations of almost all industry leaders. The businesses in non-metro cities including Assam, Bihar, Goa, Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh and Himachal Pradesh to name a few have demonstrated a higher and a faster inclination towards audio conferencing apps. As many as 70% of the businesses hailing from Tier – II & Tier III cities have chosen Audio Conferencing & Contact Center Software as their preferred tools for remote communication.

Growth in users for grptalk, TelebuPing and Telebujoin over the year

The rate at which businesses across India have adapted to virtual communication platforms in the recent past has been unprecedented. For us, too, the numbers have been great. The number of inquiries on our platform increased by 100% W-o-W between March 2020 to July 2020. Not just this, the number of clients we on-boarded in FY 2019-2020 is equal to the number of clients we have on-boarded in less than six months in FY 20-21.

If we compare Y-O-Y growth, we have been adding 3x more customers per month compared to the same month last year. grptalk in particular, we have seen a 30% M-O-M growth in the number of users for FY20-21, which has been highly motivating for us. While we have hosted about 25,000+ meetings so far and reached more than 1 Million users in the last six months for TelebuJoin, we have also on-boarded 3x more customers for TelebuHub.

How has the audio and video conferencing services connected companies with customers in rural parts of the country especially during the pandemic?

Audio and video conferencing services are proving to be a game-changer in the communications industry. Due to the adoption of ‘Digital India’ initiatives, digitization is foraying into the rural areas as well and this has facilitated the active penetration of audio and video conferencing services in these geographies too. 

Owing to this, various enterprises are introducing innovative features that connect various companies to their customers in the rural cities. We at Telebu have always focused on lending our services to both urban and rural areas alike and our products including grptalk and TelebuJoin to name a few have contributed a significant deal in doing so.

Our audio conferencing technology “Grptalk” with the help of mobile-based communication technology is helping several companies and government institutions connect and share real-time information with people living in rural areas. Grptalk has also helped several agricultural companies connect with the respective stakeholders in the rural areas and increase their leads during the last one year.

Another prominent product – Telebujoin has helped companies connect and generate good leads by allowing them to connect with individuals even with low bandwidth and network issues.

Overall, Audio & Video Conferencing services of Telebu have helped 1000+ businesses, and more than 1 Million people stay connected during the pandemic. We have hosted conferences amounting to more than 25 Million Minutes on a monthly basis.

New segments of companies and customers that have opted for your services in last one year?

Thankfully, we were one amongst the few industries that were less affected with the outburst of the pandemic. Though the last year was initially bit of a struggle for us; but with our strategic approach and execution, we managed to expand our services and add new segments of companies into our kitty.

Companies and customers across different sectors have opted for our products in the last one year. Some notable industries that have used our products over the past year have been agricultural, banking & financial services, administrative, legal, educational, real estate, e-commerce and healthcare. 

Products that are likely to emerge in the coming year?

We believe that Unified communication tools that have audio conferencing, instant messaging and video conferencing tools features are going to be in the limelight for the next couple of years as Unified communications have emerged as a cost-effective solution for businesses across industries, such as healthcare, BFSI, and retail.

In the past, companies chose individual products to meet particular needs however this is likely going to change in the coming years.  Companies have already made strategic technology decisions to deploy unified real-time communication environments to communicate and collaborate better.

Data and information have become invaluable assets for many companies. AI will also see a big surge in the coming years and is going to continue helping companies create strategic plans through advanced data analysis.

Furthermore, most of the technological and communication products are primarily going to build features that provide better Privacy. We believe that technology companies will build new features to better protect people’s privacy online.

Our focus at Telebu, will be to develop:

  • Conferencing platforms that are smarter
  • Virtual Cloud Office,
  • Bots – That can do more than just chat
  • Ecosystem – For Developers & SMEs via APIs + SDKs
  • 360 degree communication platform for businesses

How is the incorporation of AI changing the way we work?

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended the conventional paradigms of our existence. One of these paradigms is related to how we work. The application-first economy and the digitization that was occurring over the past few years got accelerated when the pandemic hit. The Black Swan event forced everything – right from healthcare, digital computing, large scale supply chain to the service economy and even family life – to reinvent them significantly.

Covid-19 made work from home the new normal for organizations as offices shut down to curb the spread of the virus. Most enterprises have already invested heavily in technologies and related tools to effectively support the remote workforce – such as video conferencing, collaboration tools, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

AI and automation is playing a greater role in how team members learn new skills and technologies. AI is helping companies provide 24/7 virtual assistance with the help of chatbots and thus helping the firms in increasing efficiency. AI is also helping companies create strategic plans by analyzing data and generating actionable insights. From allocating work, to project planning & mapping, data analysis, support, services, HR etc. are also amongst the few things that AI is revolutionizing.

Why cracking the regional language code becoming a must for the UCaaS companies in India

A prominent trend that is being observed in today’s digital age is the extensive incorporation of regional languages by UCaaS companies.  The world is home to many native languages. If technology companies want to enhance the overall communication then they must look at incorporating regional languages. 

UCaaS by itself stands for unified communication as a service and any platform truly unifies the communications in India only if they focus on cracking the regional/local language barriers that exist in our country. 

Regional language or for that matter localization offers a unique opportunity to reach out to businesses and customers that haven’t been tapped yet. With the use of local languages across various regions in India companies were able to increase participation in audio conference calls by up to 40%. Regional language accessibility, training & support also helped the firms in boosting product usage by up to 70%.

Transformation in the agriculture industry in India

Telebu is empowering farmers with real-time information using mobile-based communication technology integrated in various Telebu products.

The widely used product under Telebu’s umbrella – grptalk is significantly contributing in revolutionizing the agriculture sector. In other terms, no one can underline the impact grptalk makes as a product in the field of Agriculture & Farming. Grptalk is helping the farmers and respective companies by bridging the communication gap between the relevant stakeholders.

Grptalk enables companies to host one-on-one courtesy calls with farmers. 1000+ Sales Executives across 4 regions and 80 different locations stay in touch with more than 200,000 farmers on a weekly basis.

Grptalk also facilitates calls between large agro-chemical companies, government bodies and agencies for the welfare of the farmers. These calls offer a knowledge sharing platform where the experts talk about budgeting, harvesting, time of yield, storage, irrigation and fertilizers that are to be used for different crops. Even the plant nutrition experts host knowledge calls with selective farmer groups based on crop and geography; which helps in nurturing their skills.

So far, grptalk has enhanced the lives of over 500,000 farmers’ through its offerings.

AI in audio and video conferencing services

As technology advances, AI is being introduced to every field with its numerous advantageous applications. Two of these areas include audio and video conferencing, where it can help reduce the workload by making the process efficient.

AI is being actively used in the communications industry to offer a spectrum of benefits including –

  • Voice & Video Recognition
  • Transcription & Task Allocation
  • Listen & Learn users voice patterns to analyze the experience
  • Identifying users based on behaviour
  • Auto Captioning & Reading streams
  • Optimizing Audio & Video Quality
  • Matching Profiles
  • Detecting Breaches in Security
  • Offer real-time personalization & recommendations

And, all of this is eventually leading to conversations via Voice & Video which are insightful, data-driven and optimized for outcomes.

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