India’s NATGRID Surpasses 105 Crore Facial Entries

NATGRID hits headlines for gathering over 105 crore facial entries, encompassing around 80% of India's population.

By Sunil Sonkar
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India's NATGRID Surpasses 105 Crore Facial Entries

The National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) is making the news lately by achieving a milestone of accumulating data of more than 105 crore facial entries. This means about 80% of India’s population is in their database.


It is here to note that the database include facial data collected during the Covid-19 pandemic and even with masks. The system can now swiftly access and match data of masked faces within minutes.

A senior NATGRID official said the extensive database can play important roles in tracking individuals sought by law enforcement agencies. It is said that the system is capable in identifying and tracking masked individuals effectively.

The official further mentioned that NATGRID has tied up with various government departments such as the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Income Tax department and police agencies for the purpose. Some data has also been sourced from departments operating at airports.

Apart from this, the Union government is leading the development of a comprehensive national database to monitor illicit activities such as Hawala transactions, terrorist financing, counterfeit currency circulation, narcotics trafficking, bomb threats and illegal arms smuggling.

It definitely signifies a concerted effort to utilize data analytics and information technology to revamp the security operational methodologies of various agencies.

The integration of advanced technologies into intelligence gathering as well as analysis indicates a significant shift towards proactive and targeted approaches in combating security threats.

NATGRID and allied agencies are now enhancing their capabilities in addressing various forms of criminal and terrorist activities with the help of the database.

With further evolvement of technology, success of such initiatives will be high and the government may stand ahead of emerging threats and various challenges.

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