India’s Top Emerging Technology: report by cxovoice

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India’s Top Emerging Technology: report by cxovoice 1

CXO VOICE is your ideal platform when you are looking for reports, news, Leaders talk, CEOs and CXOs bytes and discussion. We are one of the leading media monitoring and publishing platforms in India that is also making a lot of noise in the international community as well.


Information is the essence of business and getting critical information swiftly to our readers is what we do best! We make sure that we are covering all the latest interviews with industry leaders. We also speak directly with entrepreneurs, CXOs, CIOs, Department Heads, CEOs, start-up leaders, CFOs who are making a lot of noise in the corporate world both in India and abroad.

Leaders Talk – Interview and Opinions from top industry executives

A business takes a lot of effort, resources, patience, and time to make a name for itself. With the advent of the internet and globalization, it is becoming increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs to carve a space for their venture in the digital realm. Every business is unique as the approach behind it is a one-off. It means that every entrepreneur will have their fair share of unique challenges that they will be overcome in their own pace and way. We are all about that as we bring you success stories of entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

Bringing solutions of on-going industry challenges to entrepreneurs. The mindset of society is changing and people are leaving their desk jobs to pursue their passion. Making a profitable venture out of your passion is a perilous journey and we make sure that you are aware of all the trends in the industry so that you can have the competitive edge you need over your rivals to make it big in no time!

We at CXO VOICE started our journey with one single idea. We wanted to make sure that we are doing everything we can to bring a better understanding of what is going on in the world. Our focus lies on anything and everything there is related to the business sector, the finance sector and the IT sector. We also love to share information about the latest developments in the technology sector as we know us millennials feel weak in the knees when we think, talk and analyze technology.

Importance of financial news

What is the most important part of a country that is also responsible for its overall growth and progress? The answer is simple – it is the employment conditions. The employment conditions of a country are directly dependent on the conditions in both the national and international financial market.

Take a look back in history and it would be evident that when the stock market goes down, so does the employment opportunities. We make sure that all of our readers are aware of what is exactly going on in the financial market as we scour through news media outlets as well as all the social media buzz just to get a clear idea about the present conditions of the market.

We help you get up to speed with the current trends in the industry through our discussions with CXOs, CIOs, CEOs

Being an entrepreneur is an incessant journey. Leaders and successful industrialists always stress on the fact that their journey is more interesting than their respective destinations. On top of that, there is no short of important lessons when one steps into the shoes of an entrepreneur. We make sure that we are covering all those interesting pieces of information, snippets of success and challenges that came in the way of both big and small entrepreneurs. Learning from your mistakes is the way of the wise and when you find yourself stuck in a situation, read the content we publish here at our outlet.

We make sure that we are regularly publishing content that consist of success stories, interviews and tips from the leaders in the corporate world so that you never run out of motivation.

Media monitoring through daily news and analysis

Media monitoring has been in practice since the 1850’s but the same has picked up a lot of traction in recent years. We use the latest in alternative tools along with managed services, free online tools and the likes as we understand that we need to explore all the available avenues when it comes to media monitoring.

Be sure to check out our daily news and analysis section where we will be providing you with all the necessary information related to the world of:

  • IT
  • Banking sector
  • Technology
  • AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies
  • Business and many more.

We are all about insights into the cyber security situation in India

Chances are really high that you are one of the billions of people worldwide who have spent a substantial amount of your time in the digital realm. To put it clearly, you might have conducted online transactions, shopped for your girlfriend, and the likes. Have you ever experienced a malware attack? Did someone give you a call claiming to be a banking official and asked for your credit card details? Well, we reside in a country that is still in its developing phase which is why the chances of a data breach are still high.
As per reports, since the year 2017, several e-commerce companies have had cases where critical customer data was lost to the hands of black-hat hackers. The reason is simple, to begin with, lack of information. To be the owner of a business at present times, you need to have an online portal. We make sure that you are implementing all the necessary security measures in your portal so that critical data is safe from prying eyes.

Our cybersecurity section is regularly updated with all the information you might need to update yourself about the developments taking place in digital security. One needs to take certain measures in order to keep their clients safe which in turn will improve the image of the brand.

Source : BusinessNewswire

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