Industries That Need to Be Mindful of Cybersecurity

By Sony T
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Industries That Need to Be Mindful of Cybersecurity 1

In a world where technology seems to be involved with everything, there are industries that need to be mindful of this.  The reason why certain industries need to be mindful of cybersecurity is that their information is so important.


Data breaches by industry can vary, but some industries seem to be always in the crosshairs of hackers that would like to access their records.  Whether it is for financial gain or to be nosey, these hackers are a major threat.

Below are a few industries that need to keep cybersecurity at the top of their list because without they will be very vulnerable.


The first industry that I would like to point out is manufacturing.  On the surface, their cybersecurity might not seem very important, but it really is.  The manufacturing sector is full of secrets that a competitor would love to get their hands on.

What if a company is one the breakthrough of a big project to produce a product that is a game-changer and going to put them ahead of their competition?  I am sure that the company would not like their plans to be exposed to their competitors.

Protecting all of this information in their systems is vital for hackers to not be able to sell their information on a black-market exchange.


The defense industry is a vital part of any government and makes up a large market in any country.

It would be very detrimental to a country if a hacker could hack into the military operations of a country or access their records.  A lot of innovation and trials happen behind closed doors, and it would be a shame for a hacker to get the inside scoop on these operations.

In countries like America, the defense sector is a big part of the economy, so obviously there would be things that hackers could be looking for to gain intel or sell information for a profit.


Another huge industry with a lot of confidential information is the healthcare industry.  People are very private about their health history and problems, and it would be terrible if a hacker got ahold of those records.

The value of personal data can be used by hackers in many cases, and it could lead to a ransom for someone’s personal information to not get leaked.  The healthcare industry is aware of this, and that is why most systems are pretty rigorous for a hacker to access.

It would also hurt the credibility of an institution if their system is the one to get hacked because consumers would not trust them anymore.


Going along with the healthcare snippet, there is a lot of valuable personal information in the banking industry.  Wouldn’t you hate it if a hacker knew how much you had in your savings?  Or even worse, if they could access and steal any of your money?

The banking industry is another sector that must take security very seriously to thwart the plans of hackers.

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