Infineon System Basis Chips Are the First to Allow High Speed Communication

Infineon Technologies AG (is launching two new System Basis Chip (SBC) families: Lite and Mid-Range+ , which is known by the name as Lite and Mid-Range+. They are the first SBCs on the market supporting the ISO CAN FD protocol for communication at 5 Mbit/s for a large variety of automotive applications.

An SBC is the central supply of power and communication for microcontrollers within the units of electronic control units (ECU). SBCs are integrated circuits (IC) which is going to combine voltage supplies, communication bus interfaces (CAN, LIN) and supervision features. The combination of these three elements in one chip leads to lower system costs and up to 80 percent smaller design footprint compared to discrete solutions.

The new Infineon Lite SBCs are the entry level SBCs at an optimized system costs which is ass of now working. They incorporate one CAN transceiver to address a broad range of applications such as in-cabin wireless charger, NOx sensor, gear shifter or light control units. The Mid-Range+ SBCs are more powerful devices with one CAN and up to two LIN transceivers to support e.g. body control modules and gateway modules.

Some of the recent and latest developments in the field of automotive industry require increasingly faster communication capabilities. Moreover, the CAN FD protocol was established for some of the more software updates which is at the time of production and service events. Today, also the communication within the car and its connectivity to the outside world require some of the increased bandwidth and longer payload.

The new Infineon SBCs also offer some of the high flexibility to designers. They are more scalable with respect to the number of communication interfaces and are software compatible with some of the other Infineon SBC families such as the DCDC and Multi-CAN Power SBC families.

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