[infographic] 7 Reasons to Choose best Charging Cable

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[infographic] 7 Reasons to Choose best Charging Cable 1

The options for cellphone accessories are endless: fancy cases, headphones, dashboard mounts, and more. We can all agree that the most important accessory is the phone charger. Without it, every other addition is useless. It doesn’t take long before the cheap charger that came with your phone begins to split or charge inconsistently. When it’s time to buy a new one, invest in a magnetic charging cable. Here’s why:

1: One Cord for Everything

Magnetic charging cables do it all: they come with three adapter heads that will work with virtually every device you own. With the iOS Lightning, Micro USB, and Type C adapter heads, you can charge anything from an iPhone to a Kindle to a wireless mouse. Why juggle multiple cords and hope you grabbed the right one on every trip you take? The time of frustration is over; simplify your life by using one cord for everything.

2: Durability

A charger’s cord material determines how long it’ll last. Any charger out there will use one of three materials: rubber, metal, or braided nylon. Though rubber is the most flexible, it is the least durable. Metal cables are durable but offer very little flexibility. Braided nylon is the most durable option and still has outstanding flexibility. This is why the highest-quality magnetic charging cables use braided nylon: it’s the best option, hands down.

3: High Quality Means Less Expense

While standard charging cables are known for damaging your charging port, magnetic cables won’t cause this problem. This alone will save you money over time, since repairing a damaged port is an expensive endeavor.

4: Capable of Fast Charging

Some magnetic charging cables are capable of fast charging. If you’ve never experienced this before, it’s a game-changer! Basically, using a cord with fast charge capabilities will re-power your battery in less time than other chargers require. Fast charging cords include hardware and software failsafe mechanisms that protect your phone battery from overheating.

5: Some Magnetic Charging Cables Support Data Transfer

Some magnetic baseus charger are equipped with data transfer capabilities, which means you can share data between devices with the same cord you use to charge them. However, not all magnetic chargers transfer data; check for this feature when purchasing.

6: One-Handed Operation

The feature of magnetic charging cables that really makes life easier is that you can plug in your charger with only one hand! Forget lining up pins with your phone’s charging port. The strong magnetic adapter connects the cable to your device with ease.

7: The Best Option on the Market

While wireless chargers do exist, they are expensive and bulky. Magnetic chargers are lightweight and easy to transport. To cut to the chase, they are the best charging option out there: not only do they protect your devices, they are easy to use and exceptionally long-lasting.

Not all magnetic charging cables are created equal, as they don’t all carry the attributes listed above. However, one product does: the iCharge Pro Cable. This cable is the best charger on the market. Don’t waste your money on anything else.

Here’s an infographic to make life much easier:

7 Reasons You Need a Magnetic Charging Cable

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