Infosys Reveals 4.0 AI version for global enterprises

Infosys Reveals 4.0 AI version for global enterprises 1

Largest IT consulting firm, Infosys yesterday has revealed the 4.0 version of the AI framework for infrastructure, industry, enterprises, and utilities with Finland based engineering and consulting firm Poyry Inc.

“The Kriti 4.0 version AI framework addresses lifecycle management challenges industry, utilities, and infrastructure enterprises face in operational technology (OT) systems,” said the city-based IT behemoth in a statement.

The Vantaa based Finnish firm serves the clients across the globe in the industrial and energy sector and provides some of the engineering services in its market.

“The new version applies AI, cognitive/machine learning and Machine to Machine (M2M) capabilities to the industrial environment by identifying critical enterprise systems and assets and provides a better understanding of their behavior to create value for their customers,” said the statement.

Infosys AI Platform advanced, complex analytics and the models of machine learning, exchanging information with the Poyyry’s RAMS that is Reliability, availability, maintainability, safety methodology.

The AI platform which is launched in April 2017, the Nia software helps in collecting the enterprise data from people, process and legacy systems into a self-learning technologies knowledge base and automates the repetitive business and the IT freeing human role in solving the customer issues.

The new platform also helps in reducing system maintenance costs, and operations shut down and also improves employee, reliability and environmental safety.

“In the digital world, our clients need to leverage their assets to create tangible RoI (return on investment) in a short time. Our IoT services are focused on impacting top line and bottom line, leveraging capabilities to remote-monitor products and assets, prevent breakdowns and analyse data to optimise performance across the production system,” said Infosys engineering services head Nitesh Bansal.


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