Ingenious Benefits of Investing In Visitor Management Solutions

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Ingenious Benefits of Investing In Visitor Management Solutions 1

The reception area of your office is one of the most important aspects of your organization. It’s where meaningful interactions occur. The reception is where you trap clients into doing business with you. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore this area. In particular, digitizing the reception area will optimize the customer experience. Among other things, digitizing the reception area will help you to effectively manage visitors. On these lines, this guide is going to delve into to benefits of investing in an effective visitor management solution.


Creates a Professional Impression

Your company’s reception is highly dependent on GDPR compliance. And the only way you can achieve this is through the implementation of a modern visitor management solution (VMS).

How you manage visitors is extremely important. And this is particularly true if you pride yourself in offering memorable, as well as, unique experiences. The way your organization manages visitors is a good indication of how it’s committed to delivering positive on-site experiences.

With an automated visitor management system, you have an opportunity to provide your customers with an uplifting experience.  

Modernizes Your Reception Area

Visitor management systems often look more professional than traditional guest logs. They’re also very attractive and come with consistent future-proof development. Plus, they’re highly productive and efficient.

Reduces Paperwork

With modern visitor management systems, creating and maintaining GDPR-compliant reception environments is extremely simple. Visitor details are stored and filed in the solutions back-office, allowing for easier access. Even more, the reliance on paperwork is entirely removed.  

Cuts Waiting Time

With host notifications, you can significantly reduce visitor waiting times. Modern visitor management solutions come with value-adding features that allow you to receive instant notifications and provide instant responses to customer requests.

Through messaging options like email, text, Slack, and Skype, you can always stay informed and updated.  

Heightened Security

Implementing a visitor management solution will ensure that confidential information is securely stored. Settings can be configured in such a way that access to visitor data is only granted to authorized personnel. This will in turn go a long way in limiting data breach possibilities and building trust.

GDPR legislation often permits third-parties to request for copies of captured data. By simply entering the visitor’s name, their data can be accessed, shared, or deleted. This in turn makes your service more attractive to customers. Remember, everyone is now looking for a quick way to access online services. And you really don’t want your company to be left out, right? Then, implement a robust visitor management solution.  

Sophisticated Branding

Modern visitor management solutions are uniquely designed to help you reinforce your branding. Hardware devices can always be customized to display your company colors and logos. Plus, screensaver rolls can be customized to match brand guidelines.

Enhanced Transparency

Automation of third-party interactions, as well as, check-ins allows organizations to generate deeper insights for both internal and external use. You can easily generate various reports based on the captured information.  This will in turn go a long way in improving your company’s reliability and productivity.

In the event that an on-site is reported at a later date, your company can always use a digital visitor management system as a point of reference to past records. You can check if the visitor was on-site and if the event took place at the location reported. And if an incident truly occurred, a VMS can always be utilized to validate the report.

Through a visitor management system, multiple health and safety documents like NDA’s, as well as Terms &Conditions can be easily uploaded for on-site visitors to sign up prior to being checked-in. And once these documents are signed, a copy is sent to the customer’s profile for sharing.

Threat Mitigation

Sending all guests or visitors to a check-in device encourages security threats, such as Watch Lists. With the help of a visitor management solution, security personnel can always be alerted of any potential threats on-site.

To avoid detection, threats would attempt to bypass your company’s security without raising suspicions. Whereas certain threats might be prevented from venturing further on-site, the ones that do can easily be detected through a visitor management solution.

You can now integrate your visitor management software with the business applications you utilize daily. A reliable visitor management platform also offers optimal security and integrates seamlessly with other business applications, allowing you to easily share information across mobile, as well as, desktop computers.

You can quickly add important files to the manager, including Word documents, XML-based content, PDF files, and imaging files. Moreover, visitors will also be able to search for and access all documents available on the platform. Administrators, on the other hand, have increased flexibility in connecting software commands to needed applications.

Improved Productivity

Large parties can always be registered in the solution’s back-office prior to their arrival. And once pre-registered they can simply input their reference details to alert the hosts of their arrival. Whereas self-service check-in options are incredibly beneficial to visitors, as well as, other third parties, they can also be helpful in streamlining receptionist experiences. 

With a visitor’s management, the length of the check-in process can be significantly reduced. And this can have a positive impact on receptionists who’re always multitasking to make sure their roles are being completed. 

Contractor Management

When contractors are working on-site, you may find it hard to monitor their movements and access authority levels. Configuring a visitor management solution to cater to the needs of contractors will ensure that access to key details is only granted to authorized personnel. Plus, it will go a long way in ensuring that contractors are managed effectively and in accordance with relevant compliance rules.


Did you know that visitor management solutions can be integrated with other popular technologies like Access Control and Emergency Evacuation to offer additional value-added possibilities? Well, now you know.

This integration can help your company operate with greater visibility of everyone on-site. Plus, it offers visitors and third-parties the opportunity to print customized user badges that make it easier for them to access certain rooms. During emergencies, an integration of visitor management, as well as emergency evacuation solutions provide real-time evacuation reports, while also informing ERT’s about people who’re still on-site.  

Advanced Search Indexing

Modern visitor management tools are outfitted with powerful search engines. If visitors can’t find what they need, then how helpful is your company? Well, developers understand this, that’s why they make search capabilities their top priority.

Internal search indexes are generally much easier to navigate and retrieve. When you enter a person’s name or reference code, you’ll instantly get all the relevant information you need.

Seamless Collaboration

Technology has made it possible for developers to integrate flexible collaboration tools with visitor management solutions. You’ll come across features with heightened transparency and easy scheduling, as well as, trackability.

Some of the most popular collaboration tools to watch out for are task management, wiki pages, and online forums. Tools that support seamless communication and collaboration are an incredible resource. They’ll take your business experience and success to the next level. So, if you want a visitor management system that promotes seamless collaboration, think

Flexible Permissions

Roles and permissions are critical to the success of every business. You want to encourage the creation and sharing of information, right? But then again you don’t want to go overboard with this. That’s why visitor management solutions are quickly shifting from control to cultivation, where visitors are allowed to share data organically, but with content restrictions. Amenable permission settings can help your team to contribute to the company’s knowledge base whilst monitoring quality with minimal supervision.

Refined File Organization

Refined content categorization is another feature offered by modern visitor management solutions. With such advanced systems, you’ll have an array of options to filter content so that it’s both searchable and selective.  Articles, wikis, and website blogs will be tagged to make them unique and easily searchable. Plus, visitors can easily locate information. This in turn minimizes confusion and saves time.


Your visitor management system is a platform in which information assets are shared and organized. Nonetheless, most businesses often suffer from data overload, especially during periods of rapid growth.

Remember, your customers are the greatest asset you have. And they need an interactive digital space to organize and access information within your organization. Improved user-friendliness is a big trend in modern visitor management systems. So, why not give it a try? This technology makes it easier for you to create private and open groups, enabling members to access information within your organization. Plus, it also allows you to send instant notifications to users.

Instant Notifications

Visitor management trends have shifted from email to more direct forms of communication. Notifications are the ultimate solution to all your communication needs. With modern visitor management tools, members in a space can receive real-time announcements, as well as, relevant messages or information from team members without necessarily cluttering their inboxes.

Real-Time Responses

When visitors have queries, they can always post them in a discussion forum for your entire team to see and responds. The questions can be marked as resolved or live in the visitor management system for others to refer to in case they have the same question. This provides your company with a growing directory of information.

Cloud Technology

Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS), isn’t a new concept. However, it continues to make the cut for modern visitor management trends. Cloud-based visitor management solutions are an attractive option for most companies since they’re highly flexible and dynamic. Users can access information wherever they’re as long as they’re connected to the internet. Privacy plus security are also top-notch with reputable vendors.

Automated Content

The goal of any successful business is to support every action of the end-consumer. And that’s exactly where automated content comes in handy. Your visitor management software will aggregate the relevant information to share with members of the entire company on homepages. If you’re looking for an effective way to keep users informed and engaged, then this is the way to go. Investing in automated content will also free time for administrators to focus on other important tasks.

Customization and Scalability

For a VMS platform to be truly intuitive, you need to implement easy-to-use customization features. Modern visitor management solutions are highly flexible and scalable. Even more, they can be easily customized to suit your company’s growing needs. They can be quickly updated and serviced, allowing for easier changes whenever they’re needed.

How your visitor management looks and feels is extremely important. Customization is critical to the implementation of successful software. Keep your web pages equipped with the right tools, so that visitors are excited using your platform. And this is only possible with the help of a digital visitor management solution.

Easier Uploading

With the help of a VMS, you can easily check files in and out. Plus, it allows users to check out files as they add or edit content. And once they’re done, they can quickly upload the files again.

The check-out feature available in most visitor management tools facilitates the editing of documents without causing confusion through multiple edited versions. When a user wants to edit a particular file, for instance, they can always check out the file as an online library user. Once you’re done using the file, you can upload it back into the management system as a new version.

The VMS maintains an archive that allows visitors to see all the uploaded versions and refer to previous versions whenever needed. And this in turn enables quick revision, as well as, editing without affecting quality. Xxxxx offers innovative visitor management solutions for every company. Find out more about their product and optimize your visitor management system experience today. 

The Bottom-Line

Your company’s reception area is where the first impression is created. Thus, it should be organized and highly interactive. Even more, it should be digitized. Above are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by investing in a good visitor management tool. From enhanced transparency to easier uploading, heightened security, user-friendliness, modern integrations, automated content, customization, and scalability, an effective visitor management solution will complement your company’s public relations (PR) and marketing efforts. Plus, it will make your business more visible to customers located all over the world.

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