Inito’s Rapid Home Fertility Kit Raises $6 Million to Transform Women’s Health

By Srikanth
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Inito's Rapid Home Fertility Kit Raises $6 Million to Transform Women's Health

Bengaluru based startup, Inito, is making big moves in women’s health. It just got funded by $6 million led by Fireside Ventures. It was founded in 2015 by CEO Aayush Rai and CTO Varun A Venkatesan. The two are dedicated to transforming the way women track fertility hormones in the comfort of their homes.


The Inito fertility monitor and kit offer a user-friendly solution, providing easy-to-read fertility diagnostic results directly on your smartphone in just 10 minutes. Unlike standard at-home ovulation tests, its kit goes beyond by measuring four essential fertility hormones on a single test strip and these are estrogen, LH, progesterone metabolite PdG and FSH.

The kit, with the monitor, test strips and the Inito app makes things easy for users. The monitor clips onto your phone and reads test strips accurately. Once you input your cycle history into the app, it sends reminders to test on specific days and provides step-by-step instructions. To do the test, you dip the strip in urine, attach the monitor to your phone and put the strip into the monitor. That’s all.

What makes Inito special is that it gives you more than just a “yes/no” answer. Instead, users receive numerical values of their fertility hormones, personalized to their body. The kit offers a complete fertile window of six days and confirms ovulation by analyzing the rise in progesterone metabolite PdG.

The Inito app uses fancy AI to understand four hormones, telling users if their fertility for the day is low, high or peak, and it explains it in simple words. Registered with the FDA as a Class I medical device exempt from premarket notification submission requirements, the Inito Fertility Monitor starter kit, priced at $149, includes the device and 15 test strips. Refill strips are available at $49 and both products can be purchased on Inito and Amazon.

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