Innovations in Data Collection Post-Big Data Era

Google and Microsoft use data to address societal issues, emphasizing ethical responsibility.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Innovations in Data Collection Post-Big Data Era

Recently, several tech giants including Google and Microsoft have started doing more charity work. They use technology to collect and analyze data to solve significant issues in our society. These projects, like predicting crop pests or studying diseases, are part of a trend where data is increasingly used. While these projects bring hope, they also remind us to think about acting ethically and being responsible.


The allure of harnessing data for social good is undeniable. If optimization is beneficial for companies, why should not it benefit the world as well?.

A report by Access Now, written by researcher Giulio Coppi, looks at this closely, especially in helping others. With big tech companies doing more to help people, the report makes us think again about pros and cons of collecting as well as using data.

The evolving nature of data presents new challenges. While data was once viewed as static, it is now recognized as fluid and constantly evolving.

Also, the secrecy about agreements with tech companies makes things harder. The rules you agree to when using their services are often unclear, so it’s tough for people to know exactly what happens when they share their information.

Coppi’s report shows times when groups trying to help others end up caring more about making data work well than about people’s privacy and freedom.

Handling these issues requires us to be cautious and considerate in managing data. Although data helps us learn and plan, we must ensure we collect it safely as well as ethically, with clear rules to safeguard everyone involved. As Coppi aptly notes, we can no longer afford to be naive about the complexities of the data chain.

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