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Innovative Marketplace tailored to meet your financial objectives - Deseo 1

Could you elaborate on the specific ways that DESEO’s PaaS enables brokers, advisors, and distributors to create distinctive digital ecosystems? Which unique features or resources does your API infrastructure offer to facilitate this customization?

DESEO Fintech is a B2B technology platform that started its journey 18 months ago. We propose to offer integrated solutions for various stakeholders on our platform for domestic and international investments, lending and e-learning. We have launched investment advisory as the first B2B technology offering wherein we enable Investment Advisors and Distributors to create a private marketplace of their own.

Ready to Market technology solution offered for Investment Advisory provides an option to RIAs / RAs and Distributor Broker with a white labeled client portal that is customized with partners brand identity, deep integration with Brokers Execution on Web and Mobile. Alternatively, partners also have a choice to consume ready client portal APIs to build their own UI / UX journey

How does the DESEO platform improve the user experience for distributors, advisors, and brokers? Could you provide examples or case studies of how your PaaS has enhanced the user experience for these industries?

Yes, very much. Let’s take an example for a Broker Distributor Partner that has gone live recently Swastika Investmart Ltd, broker based out at Indore. We have completely white labeled their advisory platform with their sub domain name, UI / UX web portal which is hosted and managed by DESEO. Same will be integrated on their mobile application as well. Swastika Investmart now has their own private market place wherein it hosts their model portfolios as well as third party (RIA) portfolio for its end customers to discover and subscribe to the one best suited to them. Our platform take cares of client Risk Profiling as set by the RIA, KYC, Digital Signed Agreement and subscription fees collection. Now the end client has an ease of execution post subscription on a click of a button. Post investments, DESEO take cares of calculating performance, executing corporate action, dividend and keeping client informed about the rebalancing, subscription renewals and other communication from its Advisors from time to time

We have another use case wherein one of our Broker partner has choose to consume API for client end journey and their web and mobile journey UI / UX as per their requirements

Similarly even RIAs / RAs can have their white labeled client portal wherein they can distribute their own investment advisory products and built their own distribution channel. Buoyant Capital Pvt Ltd we are providing a white labeled client portal for their own products

DESEOs PAAS platform is a complete 360 degree solution for all the stakeholders in the ecosystem

How does DESEO handle technological complexity to allow businesses to focus on growth? Could you provide more details about some of the primary challenges or intricacies that your platform effectively manages for your clients?

Being a technology enabler in the capital market domain itself has a technological complexity. And on top of it, being an ecosystem and a B2B technology platform DESEO interfaces with a host of integrations to ensure a seamlessly integrated solution is provided.

In the current offerings, the most complex and critical technological complexity that we handle is interfacing with different Order Management System (OMS) of each Distribution Partner. Each OMS has their own challenges and to ensure that its compatible with other Distributor Broker Partner micro services and plug-ins are built in such a way that they are each to enable the Broker without impacting the core engine

Similarly for trade EOD reconciliation, stock exchange statutory requirements and other business complexity are handled efficiently that makes the whole platform the best option for all the stakeholders in it.

What distinguishes DESEO’s PaaS from other similar products available in the market? What distinguishing qualities, connectors, or customer support options make your platform stand out and persuade distributors, brokers, and advisors to pick it over rivals?

Firstly, DESEO client journey technology stack is built in such a way that each of our partners can either choose to have a ready to go template or get a customized journey as per their requirement without impacting the other partners in the ecosystem

Secondly when we say, its white labeled which means the client portal is listed on a domain / subdomain as per the partners requirement. For example or say or wherein such domains are property of partner and the client portals are designed, hosted and managed in a way wherein the branding of partner is designed to give a confidence to the end customer that he / she is not being redirected to any third party but this services are distributed by their Broker or MFD or Insurance Advisors. Besides, partner can create a proper market place without asking customer to leave outside their digital premises of multiple RIAs / RAs

Thirdly, investment advisory products are “Phygital” in nature in B and C towns in India. Investors with an appetite for medium to long term investments need some hand holding which traditionally is extended by Dealer, Sub Broker, AP and so on. We offer an additional module “Dealer Module” to each of our partners in case they wish to do a digital and physical push. Dealer module enables the designated user to service their clients on timely rebalancing, renewals and so on

Lastly, DESEO is a B2B platform and our focus is very clear to add more relevant investible instruments as we progress thereby enabling advisors, distributors and finally end clients for a seamless journey. We are hereby to empower Advisors in person and bring as many as Distributors thereby creating a natural eco-system for large scale reach for advisors and better product offerings for Distributors

Could you describe in more detail the flexibility and scalability of Deseo’s platform? How much does your Platform as a Service (PaaS) adapt to the broker, advisor, and distributor industries’ shifting needs and business growth paths?

High Networth and Ultra High Networth are serviced by PMS / Family Office and Advisors wherein investment tickets size are above Rs 50 lakhs and so. We have Retail investors on the other hand which has largely been driven by Mutual Funds or Single Stock Research Investment Advice. This retail investor base has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 7 to 10 years.

A sizable percentage of investors in the Retail category have graduated to the Medium Networth Investor (MNI) category over the years. These categories of investors will grow in double digit in the next 5 – 10 years and the demand to cater for investment services is evolving.

This trend is clearly visible as we can see the growth in the number of RIAs / RAs getting into the business of offering Advisory service is northwards. Recent events from industry leaders wherein it is very evident that the Investment Advisors will grow 50 times from its current level in the next 5 to 7 years. During this period the rise in investor base in the MNI category will be at equal pace.

A complete new eco-system for bringing Investment Advisory to the last mile is possible only through cutting edge technology. DESEO offers value to new classes of RIAs / RAs so that they can focus on their core expertise of fund management and Distributors brings ready captive client base to service. MNI investors now gets a seamless experience of choosing investment portfolios that suits their risk profile, returns and fees with a dashboard to monitor investment performance, renewal and facility to rebalance and redeem

All these come at a fraction of cost to each of the stakeholders. DESEO is also committed to ensure that its technology platform is aligned and updated to all statutory guidelines and product features that are aligned to market / investor requirements. DESEO shall also be adding more product lines and services to add value chain other than Investment Advisory.

DESEO is a perfect choice to all the stakeholders as we believe that our growth is linked with our partners success

Scalability and security of clients personal and investment data is vital for a PAAS like DESEO. How does your technology platform support the growth, scalability and security of the platform?

Ans. Certainly. Ensuring the scalability and security of clients’ personal and investment data is paramount for DESEO’s PAAS platform. The technology stack is meticulously crafted to address these concerns:

Encryption through-out the Journey: Personal information of clients undergoes encryption not only during storage but also throughout the entire client journey. This end-to-end encryption adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.

Infrastructure-Level Checks and Balances: DESEO incorporates robust checks and balances at the infrastructure level. This measure is crucial for both scalability and security, allowing the platform to handle growing demands seamlessly while maintaining the highest standards of data protection.

Customized Data Management: Recognizing the diverse needs of clients, the system is designed to accommodate scenarios where data needs to be maintained separately. This flexibility ensures that clients have tailored solutions based on their specific requirements.

DESEO’s commitment to data security and scalability underscores its dedication to providing a reliable and robust PAAS platform for clients and partners.

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