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Inspire Idaho, Low- cost tech learning program for rural and urban areas

“People have to understand that they always be a keen learner if they want to cope up with all the latest technologies in workforce, but there are lot of hurdles and degradation to help people in learning new and updated technology in the workforce to perform their part with most effective way to grow business rapidly” said Sundar Pichai one of the tech executives of Google.

So to overcome this challenge Idoha started a tech learning program with the help of University of Idaho “economic modification firm”. Idaho come up with 12 months program this week, free app for development function with around 140 participants in five cities of the state from Boise to Plummer.

All the 140 participants have to complete Apple’s 180-hour app development along with Swift Curriculum, this is a part of Apple’s campaign Everyone Can Code. In case if any student doesn’t have Macbook Air then they can buy it at special discount of $799 from University of Idaho. Even if this price is not affordable to anyone then Innovation Collective can rent laptop for the student free for a year.

There will be a meeting held for three times in a month with 20- 30 participants with their team members who are in program for that particular time. Team members include a host (from University of Idaho), a mentor ( a general computer science or IT professional trained under Apple training program)  to help in the discussion.

Apple will also look out the performance of each and every team, they will discuss and talk about the other things that can be done with Swift, once every three months. The CEO of Innovation Collective Nick Smoot said that after 12 months of the program students will have five apps created by them which they will present together in three to five teams.

The challenge which Inspire Idaho will face is to display their idea and worth of the program to heighten the economic structure of local people. Smoot said “The old economic growth program only includes recruiting big corporations to a community which will only going to fold or cut jobs of locals. On the other hand Inspire Idaho is not willing to give 9-5 jobs but inculcating¬† value based skills to empower local community for their own business”

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