Instagram And Its Influence In The Field Of Social Media

Instagram And Its Influence In The Field Of Social Media 1

Over the past decade or so, the digital advertising landscape has changed in a dramatic manner. Social media platforms are quite becoming most heavily trafficked places on internet. With some sharing hubs like Instagram, it has become a popular cultural touch point for millions globally.

Tapping right into the influential bin of Instagram:

Instagram is all close to be reaching its 1 billion mark this year, and it comes with a massive audience. So, it is not that surprising to see social influencers raking in dough from some of the paid brand endorsements.

  • The buying power of IG is now sky rocketing. Only FB and Twitter now have move active users than Instagram. But IG is growing faster and can cross the benchmarks in no time.
  • Instagram users are always ready to buy. 72% of IG users report to make purchases decision, depending on something new they saw on site.
  • When compared with all the other social media channels, IG happened to have the most influence on shopping habits with 51%, followed by FB at 23% and Pinterest at 22%.
  • Even the race to identify influencers is greatly intensifying. It was $1.1B in 2017, and it is estimated to grown at $2.3B in 2019. Now, that’s what you call a change. This might be one of the reasons to actually head towards apps and tools,
  • Some of the top brands, around 70% are already using influencer marketing. 91% of luxury, 84% active wear, 83% beauty, 82% retail, 82% hospitality and even 76% auto are already associated with the IG industry.
  • The best thing is that you don’t have to be a celeb to influence the current buying behavior. Advocates are the ones driving most engagement at around 8%. Then you have micro business owners with 4.0%, small business owners at 2.4% and so on and so forth.
  • The average cost of any sponsored ad on IG is around $300.

Chasing the current attention spans:

It has already been estimated that around 65% of adults in the USA are currently using social networks. It is a figure, which is around 90% for the younger adults. Social media has now become fixture in daily lives. Where attention mainly span wander, advertising is likely to follow. Recent studies have clarified that marketers have already dumped more than $24 billion into ads on the social platforms in this year 2018. This momentum is here to stay and showing no signs of slowing down. Well, one increasingly potent and growing form of marketing is not tracked in total stems from influencers.

Value of influence:

Power users, creating a lot of content will find themselves in unique spots on IG. Their influence is rather tangible when compared to likes. But, it is worth sharing some coins. So, if you are actually running a business and want it to have a great influence on people, IG might be that perfect platform for you to choose right away. It is definitely going to help your business grow high.

Written by Evans Walsh

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