Instagram Announces Upgrades to Protect Users From Abuse, Inappropriate Content

By Srikanth
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Instagram Announces Upgrades to Protect Users From Abuse, Inappropriate Content 1

Instagram is looking forward to enhancing the features that help its users to block the accounts of abusers and trolls on the social media platform. Instagram said that users will now be able to block all existing personal accounts and are expanding a feature launched last year. This newly launched feature only allows the blocking of any new accounts that they may create.


In a blog post, Instagram mentioned that based on initial test results from this new change, the company expects that the community will be blocking 4 million fewer accounts every week. These accounts will now be blocked automatically by Instagram.

As far as the tackling of hate speeches and online abuse over the platform is concerned, then Instagram, the photo-sharing app, has been doubling down the experience. These types of acts are more popular among teens and young adults than Meta’s Facebook.

The upgrade is also made into the new Instagram feature that helps in preventing the users from seeing possibly abusive messages by filtering offensive words to Stories replies. On Thursday, the company also revealed that it is expanding “nudges” designed to protect creators from harassment.

With the update, users are now able to block people on Instagram. Through this feature, a user has the ability to block multiple accounts created by a particular person. Along with this, one can also block existing accounts that a person may already have.

The word is also mentioned with respect to Hidden Words which was launched last year. This feature lets the users cover Stories and replies which are offensive in nature. Moreover, inappropriate replies from people who you do not follow will be automatically sent to the Hidden Requests folder.

Moreover, the support for Hidden Words has now extended to several other new languages as well, like Farsi, Russian, Turkish, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu and Tamil.

Instagram is also expected to display a community guideline request when a user makes the initiative to send a message to a creator. The objective of the practice is to remove the usage of offensive words.

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