Instagram Introduces Candid Stories, ‘Add Yours’ Nominations, Notes and More

Instagram Introduces Candid Stories, 'Add Yours' Nominations, Notes and More 1

BeReal is a social media platform that Instagram has launched to permit users to post their unfiltered self-photos. There is a sense of looking and sitting without countering the platform Instagram. BeReal, Instagram is all set to introduce clones of BeReal features.

Instagram has included features like “Candid Stories” in its stories that recreate the signature style of BeReal once-a-day selfies.

According to the company’s statement, feature testing will initiate in South Africa.

The feature, BeReal of Instagram, was launched in 2019, but it has grown more popular among youths, teens, and Gen Z users early and mid of this year. The company says it intends to encourage more people to be authentic than other social media, where the users represent themselves with heavy filters.

BeReal will allow users to post once a day and have a limited way of interacting with each other.

Instagram’s new candid is similar to BeReal, where the users can post their selfies, and the users will only be able to see their friends’ candids after uploading their own. Like the posts of BeReal, Instagram Candid selfies will also click a photo from the smartphone from both the front and rear camera simultaneously.

Not only Meta but other social media platforms like Snapchat and TikTok also took the initiative to launch new features to take on BeReal.

Meta has been witnessed working on the new feature of Candid since earlier summer when “Candid Challenges” was spotted in the app.

If we talk about Instagram, the platform is testing other features with its latest update. The platform also introduced “Notes” features and testing in the last few months, which allowed users to include 60 characters’ status edits to their profile in Instagram’s inbox.

It is suspected that the features were introduced to compete with Twitter.

Instagram is also planning to bring up a few other features geared toward as a motive to bring users together to interact in smaller groups. “Group Profiles” will allow its companions to create shared profiles with numerous contributors.

The app is under the testing stage “collaborative collections” so multiple people can share posts in the same space in the application.

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