Instagram Introduces ‘Template Browser’ in Reels: Streamlining Creation Process

By Srikanth
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Instagram Introduces 'Template Browser' in Reels: Streamlining Creation Process 1

Instagram, the widely-used social media platform, has introduced a new feature called Template Browser to elevate creativity and user convenience on Instagram Reels. This exciting update streamlines the process of crafting engaging Reels by offering users a diverse selection of templates to select from.


The Template Browser on Instagram empowers users to effortlessly explore categorized templates, including Recommended, Trending, and those saved by creators. By offering a diverse range of templates and audio options, this feature provides abundant inspiration for users to create their next captivating Reel.

To access the Template Browser, users can follow these simple steps:

Tap on the Create button from the home page.

Select “REEL.”

Open your camera gallery by tapping the image in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Tap on “Templates.”

Alternatively, users can access the Template Browser through the Reels Tab by tapping on the camera icon and selecting “Templates.” Instagram also offers the option for creators to borrow templates from other Reels that catch their interest while browsing the platform. By tapping the “Use Template” button on a Reel, creators can effortlessly incorporate templates into their own creations.

Moreover, Instagram offers users the opportunity to explore how others have utilized templates by simply tapping on the “Template by” button in a Reel. This functionality displays a range of innovative ways the template has been employed, serving as a source of inspiration and promoting experimentation. It is worth mentioning that TikTok also provides a comparable feature on its platform, enabling creators to leverage templates and effects in their content.

Instagram is dedicated to improving the template creation and editing experience for creators. By utilizing a template, creators will have the audio, number of clips, duration of the clips, and AR effects automatically integrated into their Reel. Moreover, Instagram is working on an upcoming feature that will allow text and transitions from the original Reel to be effortlessly transferred to the template. This enhancement grants users the flexibility to customize templates further by adjusting clip duration, removing clips, or modifying preset elements to suit their preferences.

The commitment to enhancing the Reels experience on the platform doesn’t stop there. Instagram now offers users the ability to download Reels created by others and share them on different platforms. By clicking the share button and selecting the Download option, users can effortlessly save Reels to their devices. This convenient feature, similar to what has been available on TikTok, enables seamless sharing of short videos across various platforms.

Instagram’s dedication to empowering its users is evident in the implementation of the Template Browser and other enhancements. These features demonstrate the platform’s commitment to facilitating the creation and sharing of dynamic content among its users. Through a relentless pursuit of innovation, Instagram endeavors to enhance the Reels experience, making it more enjoyable and accessible for its vast global community of creators and viewers alike. By providing a diverse range of tools and features, Instagram encourages creativity and fosters a sense of connection among users, reinforcing its position as a leading platform for engaging and interactive content.

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